Loopt’s iPad App: Pulse

Loopt’s iPad App: Pulse

We just spoke with Loopt CEO Sam Altman about their iPad app, below. Another screenshot after the break.

Altman: I think the iPad is going to be a huge revolution in the way people use computers. People will carry it around all around the the house, put it in a backpack and then head off to a coffee shop or on the train to use it [TNW Location note: i.e. different from the iPhone where people use in the street or in a bar].

Altman: Rather than play the checkin game, we want to help you plan what to do – so we’re focused on places and events. We try to put the most interesting places and events around you. This is all tied to Facebook Connect – people tell us all the time that “I only want to see the places and events that my friends like”. One of the things that we wanted to do – and this is one of the most beautiful screens we’ve ever seen – is to have a photo view of places and events. We’ve also worked with a number of content partners including Zvents, MetroMix, SonicLiving, CitySearch and Zagat on this app.

[TNW Location note: We also sat down for a long conversation with Altman at Where 2.0 – that full interview will be up soon.]

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