Hootsuite Adds Foursquare (& MySpace) Integration

Hootsuite Adds Foursquare (& MySpace) Integration

Hootsuite, a web and iPhone based Twitter client / social media dashboard, today launched a new version that includes Foursquare and MySpace integration. We’re going to focus on the Foursquare integration.

First of all, Hootsuite has made this new feature set completely painless to add. All you need to do is add and login to your Foursquare account (through a pop-up window), allow Hootsuite access through the Foursquare API, and you’re ready to go.

Then, you have the option of adding up to three new columns: “Recent Checkins”; “Your History” ; and “Pending Shouts”. We’re not quite sure what “Pending Shouts” does (nothing came up in the column when we added it, and we’re pretty active Foursquare users), but we’ve asked Hootsuite to clarify and we’ll update as soon as we get a response. There also seem to be a few bugs in the system, which is understandable. For instance, Foursquare columns don’t seem to auto-populate once you navigate away from the dashboard and come back, and the Add Column interface seems to still have a bug or two as well.

Additionally, a great feature is a map-based view of a location that appears when the user scrolls over + sign on the checkin.

Overall, once the bugs are worked out, this timely integration (they say it themselves, “just in time for SXSW”) and really elevates Hootsuite in the race for social media dashboard supremacy.

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