Skinni Popcorn. Best use of Twitter for Movie Reviews yet.

Skinni Popcorn. Best use of Twitter for Movie Reviews yet.

Picture 16SkinniPopcorn is oh so very cool. Cleverly designed, easy to ‘get’ and twitter at its core.

The homepage shows three main sections; now showing, top box office and most talked about (the number of mentions a movie had had on Twitter).

Each movie has its own ‘page’ with a synopsis, mainstream reviews and then a list of peoples reviews from Twitter. You can retweet at the click of a button and links to watch the trailer and Yahoo movies are listed too. You’d assume some of the tweets might be a bit irrelevant but surprisingly, they aren’t and reading just a few for each movie definitely helps impress whether a movie is a good idea to watch or not. As much as I love the in depth reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, 140 character reviews are my preferred option when you’re just looking for quick recommendations.

If you find this of interest, definitely visit Mashable’s Blippr, with micoreviews for movies, music, games, books and more.

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