TwitterKeys: Enhance your Twitter conversations with ✔, ♺ and ♥

TwitterKeys: Enhance your Twitter conversations with ✔, ♺ and ♥

As you might know Twitter accepts more than just basic text. The service is UTF8 compatible which means that instead of tweeting “I love you” you could just as well use “I ♥ you”. Or how about this:

“I’m going to ✈ to ☭ in the morning after I make a ☎ to make sure my ♂ is ✔ with it. ✌ for now and don’t forget to ✍ and lets have ♨ soon!”

But how do you remember all these damn characters?


TwitterKeys is a small tool we (@boris & @sandervdv) developed here at The Next Web which provides you with a floating window with all these funny symbols you can use in Twitter. On the right you see some of the symbols we currently provide.

Want to install the bookmarklet? It is ready simple:

Now go and share this with your friends on Twitter…

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