Netvibes is teasing with previews of their social adventure

Netvibes is teasing with previews of their social adventure

Just a few days from the private beta launch during Le Web 3 in the beautiful city of Paris, Netvibes is teasing its audience with some new screenshots of their social adventure: ginger. Tariq Krim published a blog post today, describing the new features that will make it possible to involve your friends in your personalized start page.

Netvibes Ginger Preview

It can basically be summarized in three steps:
– import your friends from other social networks, such as Facebook;
– track what widgets they’re adding, photos and videos they’re watching;
– create your universe, and show the world your social networks, Flickr photos and Twitter updates.

A personal universe can be an outcome for anybody who is not blogging, or capable of building his/ hers own homepage. Since it will be a place where you can present your on line identity in a rather spectacular way.

Personal universe

Krim promises us he’ll keep revealing more from ginger the coming days. If anything revolutionary happens, we’ll let you know. Moreover, we’ll travel to Paris to attend Le Web 3 and cover, amongst other interesting events, the beta launch of ginger.

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