LinkedIn unveils a Lite mobile site for faster access in India

LinkedIn unveils a Lite mobile site for faster access in India

At its Bangalore, India branch office, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner announced today that the company has launched its Lite mobile site which promises to offer a better experience of its service for users in India, where connectivity can be slow or spotty.

The unveiling of the new site follows Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of the social network for professionals in June, in a bid to boost its portfolio of productivity tools and services.

LinkedIn promises that the Lite site, which the company has built from scratch over the past 12 weeks, will feature a stripped-down design so it loads up to four times faster on mobile devices. While the initial site load will consume about 150kB, subsequent pages will only take up about 70 kB.

The company hopes that this initiative will help more of its 37 million users in India access its service more easily. Instead of recreating the entire desktop or mobile app experiences, the Lite interface only highlights the essential parts of LinkedIn: your news feed, jobs that you can apply to, notifications from your network and your personal profile. It’ll become available over the next few weeks to users across India.

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