Amazon India saves time and money with bicycle couriers for nearby deliveries

Amazon India saves time and money with bicycle couriers for nearby deliveries
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Amazon India has begun delivering packages within a radius of 3 miles (5 kilometers) by bicycle in five major cities today, reports The Economic Times. The initiative should help the company save time, reduce emissions and bring delivery costs down.

The ecommerce giant began testing the program in Mumbai last month and has now expanded it across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai.

Couriers ride geared bikes and carry a load of up to 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg). The company says that using bikes will help delivery associates get around India’s congested cities more easily than motorcycles.

It should also help Amazon save on logistics costs. According to The Economic Times, bicycle messengers earn between $105 – $125 (Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 8,500) per month, which is about half the salary of a courier on a motorcycle.

It’s worth noting that some Indian hyperlocal logistics companies require their delivery associates to have their own vehicles. Given that bicycles are more affordable than motorbikes and that other firms could follow Amazon’s lead, the company’s move could benefit young job-seekers in the country.

Amazon began testing bike deliveries in the US in December 2014 for its Prime Now service, which promised merchandise from local stores at your doorstep within an hour. Last February, it began delivering orders in Manhattan through bike couriers.

The company said it plans to expand bicycle deliveries to more Indian cities in the future.

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