BlaBlaCar brings its ride-sharing service to India


BlaBlaCar, the city-to-city ride-sharing service available across Europe, Russia and Turkey, has arrived in India.

As in its 13 other markets in which over two million people use its service, BlaBlaCar lets drivers offer rides from one city to another, and share the cost with co-travelers who sign up for the journey — making the trip more affordable than traveling separately.

The company, which is opening its ninth office in the capital city of New Delhi, told The Next Web only last November that it had plans to expand into India, Southeast Asia and Latin America, so it might be only a matter of months before BlaBlaCar is available in more of these markets.

The service is available through BlaBlaCar’s free mobile apps for Android and iOS, and requires users to sign up via Facebook to get on board.

BlaBlaCar India [via TechCrunch]

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