Nokia Music Store shuttered in India, users pointed to mobile-only Music Unlimited service

Nokia Music Store shuttered in India, users pointed to mobile-only Music Unlimited service

There has been speculation that Microsoft’s $7.2 billion deal to buy Nokia’s devices and services division could spell the end for a number of the Finnish phone-maker’s services, so it’s interesting to see that the Nokia Music Store has been shuttered in India.

Indian tech blog Medianama reports that the download service’s website has abruptly closed and users are no longer able to download content via the dedicated desktop app or Web interface. A note on the site explains that downloading new music and accessing its Mix Radio service now requires a Nokia Music Unlimited subscription, a mobile-only service that is bundled on some devices.

Essentially, it looks like Nokia is doubling down on its mobile focus by putting an end to PC-based downloads, forcing users to use their phones and sign-up to the Unlimited service.

Update: Nokia tells BGR India that desktop downloads have been switched off for new subscribers since December 2011, which a statement provided to us echoes:

Nokia Music remains hugely committed to provide Indian consumers with a great music service today and in the future. We continue to innovate around an easy to use mobile service with increased focus on personalised music streaming. We communicated the ramp down of desktop downloads in India back in 2011 as part of our mobile first strategy. We will continue to invest significantly in the success of Nokia Music in India.

Nokia Music in the UK.
Nokia Music in the UK.

Nokia Music came to India in 2009, before going on to offer DRM-free music following the introduction of Ovi Music Unlimited one year later. Today, the Music service is available in 27 countries worldwide.

While it’s a little premature to make judgments about the future of Nokia’s entertainment businesses worldwide based on a local development in India, it’s nonetheless an interesting move and we’ve contacted Nokia and Microsoft for more details.

Nokia isn’t the only company to scale back its digital music business in India. E-commerce firm Flipkart shuttered its 18-month old Flyte digital music store in May, citing concerns that it was unable to grow in India’s piracy-laden market.

Here’s the full text from the Nokia Music India site:

This Nokia Music site is no longer available. You can still enjoy Nokia Music on most Nokia phones. Listen to mixes, enjoy your own music and connect to local music in the usual way.

To download new music from Nokia Music and listen to Mix Radio you will need to have an active Nokia Music Unlimited subscription.

All Nokia Music Unlimited compatible phones will come with a free period of Nokia Music Unlimited subscription, after which you may be able to renew your subscription for a renewal fee. After your subscription has ended you can continue to listen to any music you have already downloaded on your Nokia phone.

You will not be able to download music from Nokia Music through your web browser, Nokia music player or Aditi.

How can I see if I have an active subscription?

Go to Nokia Music on your phone and then look in settings.

Can I transfer music from my phone to my PC?

You can use any compatible software to transfer music you have download on your phone to your PC,example Windows Media Player, Zune or Nokia PC suite.

I no longer have a Nokia phone.

Your Nokia Music Unlimited subscription can only be used on a Nokia phone.

Can I use Nokia Music Player?

If you have Nokia Music Player you can use it to listen to music on your PC.

Due to the changes Nokia implements to its services, Nokia Music Unlimited is no longer accessible through this website.

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