Top Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan to ‘Hangout’ with fans on Google+ today

Top Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan to ‘Hangout’ with fans on Google+ today

Google India announced on its official blog that Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up to participate in public Google+ Hangout video-conferencing sessions with his fans at 3:00 PM IST today (starting in 75 minutes as of the publication of this post).

The Bollywood actor and producer will be holding court with nine participants in each Hangout, which is the maximum number of people the feature supports, and will try “to meet as many of his fans as he can” over multiple sessions. Of course, given the hundreds of millions of fans he has in India, he’s not going to be able to cover a very large percentage of them, but Google assures us that the sessions will be broadcast live on his Google+ profile.

Although a live video chat with fans is a first for Shah Rukh Khan, Google+ has successfully hosted a live Hangout session with celebrities like the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu before. The event is part of a deal between Google and Shah Rukh Khan which has ensured the actor’s upcoming film Ra.One’s being heavily promoted on YouTube in exchange for Google+ to be able to put on this show.

If you happen to be a fan of the King of Bollywood, as his fans affectionately call him, be sure to visit his Google+ profile at 3:00 PM IST today and try to snag a spot.

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