Indian e-commerce on the rise, with over 17 million users

Indian e-commerce on the rise, with over 17 million users

According to a survey by market research firm Juxt, India is now home to over 65 million Internet users, 61 million of whom describe themselves as “active” users of the world wide web. Amazingly, about 30% of these netizens are totally digging this whole online shopping thing.

With a 28% year-over-year growth in the number of Internet users in the country, it is not surprising that e-commerce should gain wider acceptance here. However, the fact that over 17 million people feel comfortable shopping on the Internet in a country that has historically been shy of online spending is quite an amazing statistic indeed. It certainly bodes well for the future of e-commerce in the country.

The survey was conducted between April and June this year and took into the account the opinions of 50,000 thousand households from over 800 cities and villages across the country. At 70% of the total users, the cities still led the march when it comes to Internet usage in India, but the village folk weren’t far behind, racking up a total of 19 million Internet users among them.

As they say in the political speeches and television commercials in the country, “India is shining”. Or, at least, wasting a lot of time playing FarmVille.

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