Anonymous’ Operation India removed from Facebook and Twitter

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After all the activities Anonymous carried out last week, it seems like the ‘hacktivist’ group is now on the receiving end of censorship from Facebook and Twitter.

Anonymous, which started its Indian operations very recently, had setup a Facebook page and a Twitter account to propagate its agenda among Indians and call for volunteers to join its campaign.

However, it seems like both the accounts have now gone missing. Its Twitter account has been suspended and its Facebook page now redirects to the Facebook news feed, indicating that the page has been removed by Facebook.

The latest tweet from @OperationIndia, the Twitter account setup by Anonymous, seems to be 17 hours ago and its latest entry on Facebook seems to be 11 hours ago before the page was presumably removed.

Below is a screenshot of the Facebook page of Operation India, one of the Anonymous’s pages which focused on Indian activities by Anonymous.
We have contacted Facebook and Twitter for more information on this matter, we will update as soon as we get a response.

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