.IN Domains at Discounted Prices

.IN Domains at Discounted Prices

To push up the .IN domain registartions, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has now reduced the basic cost of domain name registration of .IN domains from Rs 250 to Rs 200 to registrars (who sell .IN domains to the public). .IN is India’s top-level domain on the Internet. In addition, the registrars are being offered discounts based on volume registrations. Using this offer wisely various accredited registrars are selling at prices cheaper than that.

You can check the list of Accredited Registrars, also make sure you check them individually as many registrars provide various other incentives to consumers by adding certain services such as Web design or hosting in the existing packages.

Currently, .IN domain registrations are pegged at over 5 lakh users.

While the Government has authorized NIXI as .IN Registry, since January 2005, NIXI in turn appoints registrars who register the domain names on behalf of consumers – either business or individuals. The payments made to NIXI for the domain names registered are shared between NIXI and Afilias (its technical partner).

Earlier for the promotion period April 1-October 31, the prices were cut by 50 per cent. And NIXI saw a steep increase in .IN domain registrations.

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