Security Tokens: The Evolution of Capital Markets

Stokr, ParkinGO, and Blockchain Netherlands are hosting an event where you can learn about the future of capital markets. Join them for an evening of interesting talks, drinks, and food at the historical building of Beurs van Berlage.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019 18:00


Meet Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 9

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Look who's speaking

  • Arnab Naskar

    Arnab Naskar

    Co-Founder & Business Lead, Stokr

  • Davide Rovelli

    Davide Rovelli

    CEO, ParkinGO

About the event

The evolution of the capital market is just around the corner, so what better place to meet at than the Beurs van Berlage: where the modern stock market originated. Join ParkinGO and STOKR, who are both leading the European capital market evolution, and Blockchain Netherlands, and learn about the future of capital markets. Food and drinks will be provided.

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