Introduction to PegNet: a stablecoin network for Decentralized Finance

Come and learn about PegNet. In this Meetup you'll get to learn about PegNet, an open source, multi-protocol, cross-chain stable asset platform that has leap frogged existing stablecoin implementations such as MakerDao, USDC, and Tether.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019 17:00


De Bary, Herengracht 450

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About the event

PegNet is the first decentralized frictionless trading platform in the world where you can convert in your own wallet for 1/10th of a dollar cent between any of the 29 tracked pegged assets, ranging from fiat like USD, EURO, to cryptocurrencies like BTC, XML and commodities like Gold and Silver. It utilized a novel decentralized oracle data publishing mechanism using CPU based PoW that is ASIC resistant and allows the common man to start mining for gold. PegNet runs on top of the proven Factom Blockchain and will be cross chain interoperable, with Ethereum being the first for which PegNet can act as a state channel.

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