Who writes for Hard Fork?

Hard Fork is produced by our editorial team, freelancers who we commission stories to, or pitch stories to us, and voluntary contributors.

How does Hard Fork pick stories?

We pick stories based on our own and our readers’ interests. We strive to cover big news, and break stories that haven’t been reported elsewhere. We do background pieces on interesting individuals and companies. We report on macro-scale developments, diversity, and remarkable stories.

More succinctly, we write what we and you like.

Cool, but how can I get my story on Hard Fork?

That depends who you are and what your story is.

I have a press release/announcements/event I want covered!

Allright, chill. It might be good to know we don’t publish press releases/announcements/events integrally. We do however have a look at what you’re telling us, and if we decide it’s worth covering, we’ll reach out to you promptly. If we don’t, it probably means we’re politely passing, so don’t over-strain your fingers sending reminders.

I don’t have a press release/announcements/event, but I do want to contribute!

That’s cool, we’re always in the market for interesting contributions. First though, give our contributor’s guide a thorough read. Seriously, our contributors editor Már has some kind of creepy sixth sense that can tell if you read it. That being said, contributions from experts and opinion leaders are almost always accepted. Needless to say, we don’t accept payments for publishing contributions.

How does Hard Fork make money?

Hard Fork earns money through display, content marketing, and events. We work with our partners to reach and engage with our audience in an authentic way.

We accept payments in USD, EUR, BTC or ETH across several Hard Fork products and immediately convert the funds to EUR.

If you’re interested in any of these, please contact our partnerships team at [email protected]

Do Hard Fork writers own cryptocurrencies?

As blockchain writers and enthusiasts, some of our writers own small amounts of cryptocurrencies. If a topic they cover overlaps with the coins they’re holding, that will be disclosed within the article.

What other disclosures does Hard Fork do?

Any involvement in any type of blockchain or cryptocurrency project will always be disclosed in the author’s bio page. We will also always clearly mark any post that is either sponsored or published in partnership with another company, publication, or event – including the sponsor or partner.