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Check out the first of our decentralized events hosted by the industry's leading companies

  • Blockchain groundwork

    Not only will we be discussing how blockchain can achieve the UN's sustainable development goals, we'll also be exploring real-life examples of companies already doing the groundwork. Here, speakers will discuss what the next steps in achieving these goals are, as well as how we, as individuals, can get involved. At this Future Generations event, join us in examining use-cases of companies laying the groundwork of making the world a better place.

    Anton Mozgovoy Anton Mozgovoy
    VP of Technology, Humaniq
    Simona Pop Simona Pop
    Co-founder, Bounties Network
    Fully Booked
  • Why we chose not to ICO

    The Reserve is a strategic advisory firm with the mission to perfect the capital allocation process in the DLT space. They are well placed to get the capital that exceptional entrepreneurs need. Join The Reserve at their decentralized event, where they will be discussing whether or not to ICO.

    James Roy Poulter James Roy Poulter
    CEO, The Reserve
    Fully Booked
  • Building a sustainable blockchain ecosystem offers its global community of accredited investors, family offices, and VCs access to prime investment opportunities in the blockchain space through our online investment platform, as well as through an actively managed fund. Join Mor Assia, founding partner of iCapital, and Agada Nameri, General Manager at iCapital, discuss the future of blockchain at this Hard Fork Decentralized event.

    Ran Goldi Ran Goldi
    CEO, First Digital Assets Group
    Mor Assia Mor Assia
    Co-founder & CEO, iAngels
    Agada Nameri Agada Nameri
    General Manager, iCapital
    Fully Booked
  • The social evolution of wealth

    GoodDollar is a series of ongoing experiments and research, establishing an economic framework designed to reduce global wealth inequality through UBI. Join them at their decentralized event, where they'll be discussing how technology can improve wealth distribution.

    Ira Ryk-Lakhman Ira Ryk-Lakhman
    Associate, Tadmor - Levy & Co.
    Nir Yaacobi Nir Yaacobi
    Economics Lead, GoodDollar
    Omri Ross Omri Ross
    Founder & CEO, Firmo
    Fully Booked
  • The Reserve Hard Fork closing party

    The Reserve – a boutique investment bank in the blockchain space – will be hosting a closing party at the penthouse of one of London’s most superb venues, Citizen M. Join them and London’s ecosystem in full festive force as they celebrate the closing of 2018.

    James Roy Poulter James Roy Poulter
    CEO, The Reserve
    Fully Booked
  • The future of investing

    eToro is a global investment platform, offering a wide array of tools to invest in the capital markets. Using their platform, you can create a portfolio with cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, ETFs and more. eToro’s vision is to open the global markets for everyone to trade and invest in a simple and transparent way. Join eToro's management team to discuss the future of investing.

    Rob Hallam Rob Hallam
    Team Lead, eToro UK
    Yoni Assia Yoni Assia
    CEO, eToro
    Fully Booked
  • What fundamental factors influence Bitcoin's price?

    DataLight is a realtime cryptocurrency data analytics platform that helps users analyze the crypto market effectively. At their decentralized event, they'll explain the fundamental factors that determine Bitcoin's market price. They'll also discuss how certain tools can help anticipate these trends.

    Vsevolod Lukovsky Vsevolod Lukovsky
    Head of Analytics, DataLight
    Maxim Machnev Maxim Machnev
    Community Manager, DataLight
    Fully Booked
  • How to achieve mass adoption of blockchain

    Tron (TRX) is a blockchain platform launched as the foundation for a decentralized entertainment ecosystem. Created by Justin Sun, Tron focuses on expanding the market of decentralized digital content applications by making it easier to create and deploy them. Cong Li, General Manager of TRON Protocol US and Jordy Berson, Chief Product Officer at BitTorrent, will share their insights on how to successfully scale a Blockchain network, deliver value to users and on how they believe both companies will reach mass adoption of Blockchain in the near future. This will also be the occasion to talk about Project Atlas, a new product that will pave the future of content distribution, connect the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network and its 100 million monthly active users to the TRON blockchain network.

    Cong Li Cong Li
    Head of Tron Protocol, Tron
    Jordy Berson Jordy Berson
    Chief Product Officer & COO, BitTorrent
    Fully Booked
  • The benefits of increasing regulatory clarity

    eMusic’s mission is to build a music distribution platform on the blockchain that achieves balance in the supply and rewards flowing between fans, artists, and music service providers. They are committed to fair pay for artists and believe that decentralized distribution will remove inefficiencies that currently limit artists’ potential to create music and earn a living. Join eMusic’s event to hear them discuss the future of the industry.

    Tamir Koch Tamir Koch
    President, eMusic
    Amit Pau Amit Pau
    Managing Director & Partner, ECG & ACE Fund
    Fully Booked
  • The Exchange Day 2

    At The Exchange, decision makers come together to form new partnerships and expand their network. You’ll have the opportunity to join our roundtable discussions and listen to big industry names. Together, we’ll answer the unanswered questions of the industry and discuss the future of blockchain. For business pass holders.

    Kavita Gupta Kavita Gupta
    Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys
    Thomas Power Thomas Power
    Member Board of Directors, 9 Spokes
    Min Teo Min Teo
    Executive Director, ConsenSys Labs
    Fully Booked
  • Waves Web 3.0 Revolution

    Join our celebration of 2018’s achievements in crypto and dive into our vision of how blockchain technology will become the backbone of WEB 3.0.

    Ilya Smagin Ilya Smagin
    Smart Contract Development Lead, Waves Platform
    Alexander Kolupaev Alexander Kolupaev
    Communications Manager, Waves Platform
    Tatiana Tsiguleva Tatiana Tsiguleva
    Product Owner, Waves
    Fully Booked
  • Tokenomics: The crypto shift of blockchains, ICOs, and tokens

    The London Blockchain Labs is the UK’s leading student community based at UCL, LSE, and Imperial College London. At their decentralized event, they will explain the importance of their work in cultivating a new generation of blockchain talent. As we discuss the future of blockchain at Hard Fork Decentralized, supporting the industry’s future leaders is just as vital. Thomas Power, the author of Tokenomics: The Crypto Shift of Blockchain, ICOs and Tokens and a board member of 9 Spokes, will also join the event for an educational talk on Tokenomics!

    Thomas Power Thomas Power
    Member Board of Directors, 9 Spokes
    Fully Booked
  • How to build your first dApp on Ethereum by ConsenSys

    Join Joshua Cassidy & Abel Tedros (Lead developer at Kauri & Lead technical evangelist at ConsenSys Catalyst for this fun-filled two-hour workshop to learn how to create your first dApp (decentralised application) on the Ethereum protocol from some of the best engineers in web3!

    Joshua Cassidy Joshua Cassidy
    Lead developer, Kauri
    Abel Tedros Abel Tedros
    Lead technical evangelist, ConsenSys Catalyst
    Fully Booked
  • Who owns your digital capital?

    U°Community is a social platform with a transparent, dynamic reputation system. It is built on the U°OS blockchain-protocol and provides an opportunity to capitalize social interaction through the DPOI consensus algorithm. It allows users to create content, interact with others, run a business and build dAPPs on the U°OS blockchain-protocol.

    Masha Beetroot Masha Beetroot
    Head of Business Development, U°Community
    Andrew Perepelitsa Andrew Perepelitsa
    Head of Developers Relations, U°Community
    Fully Booked
  • The Exchange Day 1

    At The Exchange, decision makers come together to form new partnerships and expand their network. You’ll have the opportunity to join our roundtable discussions and listen to big industry names. Together, we’ll answer the unanswered questions of the industry and discuss the future of blockchain. For business pass holders.

    Kavita Gupta Kavita Gupta
    Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys
    Dominik Schiener Dominik Schiener
    Co-founder, IOTA
    Mustafa Al Bassam Mustafa Al Bassam
    Co-founder, Chainspace
    Fully Booked
  • The official Dusk Network Dev-net launch

    Be there to witness history unfold as Dusk Network, the Digital Asset platform of the future, officially launches their Dev-net. Heading up Dusk's tech side, Emanuele will be explaining the technical innovations of this technology and will explain how Dusk is infinitely scalable as well as being confidential and compliant. If you are interested in the underlying technology of blockchain, this event cannot be missed.

    Emanuele Francioni Emanuele Francioni
    Project and Tech Lead, Dusk Foundation
    Fully Booked
  • Investing in a decentralized economy

    Join us for an exclusive Luno event at leading VC Balderton Capital, where our expert panel will discuss the best investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry and the broader decentralized economy.

    Marcus Swanepoel Marcus Swanepoel
    CEO, Luno
    Colin Hanna Colin Hanna
    Principal, Balderton
    Max Mersch Max Mersch
    Partner, Fabric Ventures
    Fully Booked
  • Decentralized Finance

    Based in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, University College London is London’s Global University. The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) is committed to becoming a leading global academic centre. The centre focuses on the impact of blockchain technologies on our socio-economic systems, as well as the promotion of a safe and organic development and adoption of blockchain-based platforms. Join their event to learn more about bringing decentralization to the financial world.

    Julian Wilson Julian Wilson
    Intrapreneur, Barclays
    Thamim Ahmed Thamim Ahmed
    Entrepreneur in Residence, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies
    Nikhil Vadgama Nikhil Vadgama
    Deputy Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies
    Fully Booked
  • How we built the first major Web 3 - ready browser

    Meet the creators of Opera with Crypto on the Android browser’s launch day to find out what needs to be done for blockchain to reach mainstream adoption. Opera will also be showcasing the "Vision of Web 3" video featuring Joe Lubin (Founding father of Ethereum and founder of Consensys), Air Swap's Co-founder Don Mosites and Infura. Lastly, they will be joined by Simona Pop representing ConsenSys. She is the co-founder and CMO of The Bounties Network and will be providing an introduction on the role of browsers in accessing Web 3.

    Charles Hamel Charles Hamel
    Product Lead for Crypto, Opera
    Simona Pop Simona Pop
    Co-founder, Bounties Network
    Fully Booked
  • Join us for a morning Jog

    We’re organising a 5k run on December 14, the last day of Hard Fork Decentralized, alongside the river Thames. This one is for the early risers who want to power up their day. As an extra perk, all runners will get a chance to win a Full Conference Priority Pass to TNW Conference 2019 in Amsterdam! Don't miss out – we'll announce the winner after the run.

    Fully Booked
  • Trust in the age of blockchain

    Persona represents the solution for identity management, aligned with the latest data protection regulations. Its scope is to empower the customer and grant him/her the control over their personal data as well as the means to secure access to their private details. By using Persona, the individual spends less time updating their data and service providers can access the latest version of the customer data. Join them at their Hard Fork Decentralized event!

    Stefan Neagu Stefan Neagu
    CEO, Persona
    Fully Booked
  • Tokenization - The future for financial services

    eToroX will discuss how the entire financial industry will transition into the crypto industry and the opportunities and challenges of this process.

    Zarihoun Traore Zarihoun Traore
    Customer Success Specialist, eToroX
    Yoni Assia Yoni Assia
    CEO, eToro
    Fully Booked
  • CryptoNight: Meet & Mingle With Our Blockchain Speakers

    Join TNW at our exclusive event for some blockchain-themed cocktails. Specialty drinks served: 'Genesis on the Blocks', '51% Attack', 'When moon?' and the already infamous 'Proof of Alcohol'. We’ve invited Yoni Assia, Charlie Shrem, Kavita Gupta and the Hard Fork editorial team to host the evening together with us.

    Charlie Shrem Charlie Shrem
    Founder, CryptoIQ
    Kavita Gupta Kavita Gupta
    Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys
    Marcus Swanepoel Marcus Swanepoel
    CEO, Luno
    Fully Booked
  • Future generations on the block

    What does the future look like with blockchain in it? How will it help us achieve global SDGs and what are its possibilities for achieving political, social & environmental change? At this Future Generations event, we'll explore how we can create a better world for our children through blockchain. By addressing the UN's sustainable development goals, we can set into motion a better future, fuelled by new technologies.

    Graham de Barra Graham de Barra
    CEO, Festy
    Sally Eaves Sally Eaves
    CTO and UN social Impact strategy Advisor, Emergent Technology
    Fully Booked
  • Hard Fork Pitch Battle

    Exciting new blockchain use cases are emerging all the time, and Hard Fork and The Financial Times teamed up to celebrate the innovation behind them. 10 curated companies will pitch in front of the jury and the audience. Join the event for some fast pace pitches and fierce competition.

    Kavita Gupta Kavita Gupta
    Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys
    Tomer Federman Tomer Federman
    Founder & CEO, Federman Capital
    Stefan Heilmann Stefan Heilmann
    CEO, IEG Banking
    Fully Booked
  • The rise of the decentralized industry

    It seems as if the capital systems that fund the current way of doing business reward quantity over quality, profit over shared prosperity, and hype over sustainable growth. To address this status quo, the impact sector has emerged in an attempt to blend profitability with social impact. However, there is still a long way to go before we deliver on this promise. Despite the well-intended efforts, it has been difficult to measure the social impact of sustainable initiatives and ventures.

    Sergio Pereira Sergio Pereira
    Founder & CTO, TechHQ
    Christo Thekkel Christo Thekkel
    Founder & CEO, Eikyo VC
    Anna Klapwijk Anna Klapwijk
    Blockchain Strategy Consultant, Deloitte Risk Advisory
    Fully Booked
  • Connecting Blockchain, Business & GDPR

    The buzzword “blockchain” has been going around for a while, but an often recurring question is if organizations even need the blockchain technology. And if so, how do you make sure your solution is GDPR and regulatory compliant? Join us on the 13th of December from 6pm to 9pm, for an evening of insights, keynotes, panels, drinks and bites.

    Julian Wilson Julian Wilson
    Intrapreneur, Barclays
    Sophie Sheldon Sophie Sheldon
    Supervising Associate, Simmons & Simmons
    Dave Michels Dave Michels
    Researching Cloud Computing Law, Queen Mary University
    Fully Booked
  • Circular chains

    Blockchain is often touted as the key to improving trust and transparency across industries and moving towards more equitable and collaborative systems. But could it also be the key to a circular economy? At this Future Generations event, we'll explore how blockchain can ensure trust and transparency for global industries.

    Jana Petkanic Jana Petkanic
    Token Economy Analyst, Founder,
    Fully Booked
  • How we are bringing the first 100M of STOs to market

    Jelle Pol, the Business Lead of Dusk Network, will give an instructive and insightful session that will help you understand all you need to know about an STO. A step-by-step workshop on how STOs operate, the challenges you may face and the future of tokenized securities.

    Jelle Pol Jelle Pol
    Business Lead, The Dusk Network
    Fully Booked
  • The future of payments

    Join UTRUST and Sanja Kon, VP of Global Partnerships, discuss the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency at their Hard Fork Decentralized event. UTRUST is the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements.

    Sanja Kon Sanja Kon
    VP of Global Partnerships, UTRUST
    Fully Booked
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