Waves Web 3.0 Revolution

Join our celebration of 2018’s achievements in crypto and dive into our vision of how blockchain technology will become the backbone of WEB 3.0.


Friday, December 14, 6:30PM


Address: The CityPoint building, 1 Ropemaker St, London, EC2, PrimalBase

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  1. 18:30


    • Attendees, Waves

    We’re going to be looking at what we’ve achieved over the last year and talking about where we’re going next. Alexandr Kolupaev will be introducing our Ambassador’s program and inviting new applicants. You’ll find out the latest news on both backend and frontend development from our lead devs, and learn more about our new initiative of blockchain for the gaming industry

  2. 19:00


    Alexandr Kolupaev • Communications Manager, Waves

  3. 19:10

    Main releases and what’s coming next

    Tatiana Tsiguleva • Product Owner, Waves

  4. 19:25

    Waves Blockchain: 2018 and beyond

    Ilya Smagin • Lead Smart Contract Developer, Waves

  5. 19:50

    Special Guest

    Special • Guest, Waves

  6. 20:10

    Party and Networking

    Special Live stream • Waves Crypto Shop — buy cool stuff with crypto! Cocktail party & DJ, Waves

Look Who's Talking

  • Ilya Smagin

    Ilya Smagin

    Smart Contract Development Lead, Waves Platform

  • Alexander Kolupaev

    Alexander Kolupaev

    Communications Manager, Waves Platform

  • Tatiana Tsiguleva

    Tatiana Tsiguleva

    Product Owner, Waves

The Right Fit

Who's it for?

This event is tailored for developers, crypto investors, start-ups looking for a blockchain platform, Waves community members, and journalists. For Waves community members we have a few free tickets available that gives access to just this event. No ticket yet? Grab it now.

After this event, you'll leave with an understanding of why Waves is a comprehensive tool for business and development, and a widened network.

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