Investing in a decentralized economy

Join us for an exclusive Luno event at leading VC Balderton Capital, where our expert panel will discuss the best investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry and the broader decentralized economy.


Address: Balderton Capital HQ, London

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  1. 18:00

    Identifying investment opportunities within a decentralised economy

    Marcus Swanepoel, Max Mersch & Colin Hanna • Co-founder, Partner & CEO and Principal, Luno, Fabric Ventures & Balderton

    Join Colin (Principal, Balderton Capital), Laura (VP, Accel Partners), Max (Partner, Fabric Ventures) and Marcus (CEO, Luno) where they will be discussing the evolution of cryptocurrencies and the broader decentralized ecosystem and its future impact on businesses and economies. They will also share insights on the best long-term investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry and the broader decentralized economy.

    Get insights on lucrative investment opportunities and how to prudently identify blockchain and crypto products, services and infrastructure solutions that will likely hold value long term. We’ll refine which ones will have a real impact and offer the best return for users and investors.

    6.00pm - Attendees arrive
    - Introduction by moderator
    - Chat with panel
    - Q&A
    - Drinks and meet & greet

Look who's talking

Here are just a few of the incredible speakers already confirmed

  • Marcus Swanepoel

    Marcus Swanepoel

    CEO, Luno

  • Colin Hanna

    Colin Hanna

    Principal, Balderton

  • Max Mersch

    Max Mersch

    Partner, Fabric Ventures

  • Laura Grimmelmann

    Laura Grimmelmann

    Vice President, Accel Partners

The Right Fit

Who's it for?

This event is tailored for exchanges, blockchain platforms and providers, and traders.

After this event, you'll understand the common misconceptions of the industry, and leave with an expanded network.

For Luno and Balderton Capital community members we have a few free tickets that give access to this event only, check

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