The benefits of increasing regulatory clarity

eMusic’s mission is to build a music distribution platform on the blockchain that achieves balance in the supply and rewards flowing between fans, artists, and music service providers. They are committed to fair pay for artists and believe that decentralized distribution will remove inefficiencies that currently limit artists’ potential to create music and earn a living. Join eMusic’s event to hear them discuss the future of the industry.


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    The Benefits of Increasing Regulatory Clarity

    Tamir Koch & Amit Pau • President & Managing Director, eMusic & ECG & ACE Fund

    In the last few years, startups such as eMusic have poured into blockchain and cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the properties of the basic technology. The ability to utilize a decentralized immutable database to replace centralized authority has brought to bear exciting new economic structures on a variety of new and existing business applications from supply chain logistics to empowering music artists. That which offers such promise has created tension as well — from well-established intermediaries that prefer the status quo to regulators working hard to lay a flexible foundation for blockchain’s sector’s continued development outside of existing frameworks. This panel will describe one firm’s history with satisfying regulatory requirements and plan to evolve with recent regulatory announcements and future clarity.

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  • Tamir Koch

    Tamir Koch

    President, eMusic

  • Amit Pau

    Amit Pau

    Managing Director & Partner, ECG & ACE Fund

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This event is tailored for blockchain technology platforms and providers, exchanges, crypto trading, ICOs, regulators & related government entities, FinTech banking and payment companies, Women in Tech, product development, blockchain developers & engineers, legal and consultancy firms.

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