A Working Girl Should Know: Items that Will Complete Your Wardrobe

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Sometimes women have a hard time in wearing comfortable working clothes that are not too casual and still looks business appropriate. Sometimes, women feel like they are over or underdressed for a regular Monday-Friday work. Here are the basic items that a working girl needs to have a wardrobe that is work appropriate.

Tuxedo Shirt

Tuxedo shirts are no longer gender-biased and are now part of a women’s clothing. A tuxedo shirt is now in the working girl niche. This item is already a necessity in every career girl’s wardrobe because they are items that can fit any occasions.

A woman can either choose to wear the shirt with pants, tuck it into a skirt or wear it under a tank dress, whatever the choice is, it will still be work appropriate. It is a versatile article that can give the wearer a classy look. Also, the item will look good in dressing down moments.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a classic item that should be in every working girl’s closet. Wearing the skirt can make a woman have a professional look with a feminine touch. It is also a go-to clothing for women. They can wear it during presentations, meetings, interviews or first day at work.

The most popular color for pencil skirt is the black one, but a woman can have the choice to buy other colors. They can mix and match with the colors and prints of the pencil skirt. Either way, this classic skirt is a must-have for a working lady.

A work-appropriate Little Black Dress

Every woman should have at least one little black dress in their closet. However, they need to remember that the LBD must be work appropriate. It should not be too provocative and revealing. A woman can wear LBD for parties or meetings. It is an item that is both versatile and comfortable. Nothing can go wrong with a woman that is wearing a Little Black Dress.


Trousers are great because they give a sleek look and a comfortable feeling. There are different shapes and color of trousers. Women should keep in mind that before purchasing a pair of trouser, they should try it. A working girl can get creative when wearing a trouser. They can wear it with a button-down shirt and sleek pumps.

Black Pumps

Black pumps are the go-to footwear that every career girl needs. It is a classic item that stands the test of time. Women can either wear it during day or night time. Also, they can pair it with skirts, pants, trousers, and dresses.

Black pumps are also perfect for any occasion. Also, it works well for meetings and interviews. It can create a powerful aura for working girls that are building their career. Wear those pumps with confidence to look more sleek and polished.


Blazers are appropriate and perfect for a professional setting. It is a clothing piece that can give a woman a business look. Though cardigans can work in providing a more casual look, blazers just give another impact in emphasizing a woman’s career.

It is a good idea if a working girl will invest in a high-quality blazer, they can wear it for many years, and it will not be out of style. Before purchasing a blazer, keep in mind to consider the color of the pants and skirts owned. Purchasing the navy or black one is a safe move because they can match any pants or skirts. However, it is also a good idea to play with prints and color when buying a blazer.


Knowing the basic items can help in giving a career girl a work-appropriate wardrobe. The items listed above can also help a career girl in presenting herself in the business world. There are a lot of available options from various online fashion destinations such as French Connection. These items can also give confidence to young women that are still starting to build their careers.

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