Will An App Replace Work?

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Many people are concerned that the increasing use of intelligent machines and artificial intelligence will replace their means of earning an income. The concern is misplaced. The reality of the apps that top app development companies have produced recently indicates that the question is not about replacing humans at work. The recent trend from mobile app developers shows that apps may replace work as it is presently known.

Russia recently unveiled a gigantic robot that is controlled by an app. The robot is destined to do external work on the International Space Station. The robot and the onboard computer with the control app folds up into a convenient storage size despite the near two ton weight. The concept for the development is that the machine can tolerate the light and cold in space. The machine moves exactly like a man.

The United States Department of Defense revealed an app driven robot that has the ability to perform 51 percent of all of the physical movements of a human being. The mobile app developers worked with engineers to design the machine to do dangerous work that could cause human death. The probability of robot wars is now a dangerous and not too far distant reality.

No app development companies or engineers who use Android application development and iPhone application development are predicting that app controlled machines will replace humans at work. The top app development companies are predicting that their creations will change what work is and how it is done.

App developers have already changed how many professionals do work. Physicians are already using face to face phone apps to make routine diagnosis easier and eliminate the need to see patients in person. App controlled robots work in environments that humans cannot tolerate.

App developers have made the world safer by providing first responders with tools that manage their time more effectively. There are apps that can solve any partial differential equation in seconds so scientists and researchers do not spend years making the calculation that leads to new discoveries in astrophysics, chemistry, and all sciences. There are even apps that tell a person who suffers from depression, anxiety, or manic depressive disorder what to do when they begin to feel unusual.

Augmented reality app development, virtual reality app development, Android Application Development, and iPhone Application Development will change the way people do work, how they think about work, and how they feel about work.

The first phase will be a continuation of the trend to stay at home and work. App developers can use present robot technology to automate any physical labor task. Robots already exist that can care for the sick and do presentations at conventions.

Top app development companies will make science fiction a reality in the near future.

The work week may be reduced by as much as 50 percent because machines guided by a human with a phone app can be that much more efficient. This development is certain to produce an added need for apps that entertain and educate.

It is safe to say that no machine will ever replace the intuition and creativity that is a part of man. The new version of apps will allow the use of the artistic and creative impulses of man to be utilized more fully. Apps may even produce a fast evolutionary change in how people think and work.

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