Which Metrics Matter The Most To You?

Which Metrics Matter The Most To You?

Without a goal, analytics is aimless and worthless. A target should go with every goal. If a strategy meets a goal: It’s working. If a strategy meets a target: It’s a success” — Michael Porter, an economist, researcher and professor at Harvard Business School.

Google Analytics offers you access to the extensive amounts of information about your business. However, you need to choose the most important metrics and get on the fast track to growth.

At Statsbot, we are constantly exploring what data is necessary for analysts and marketers to offer something new and improve our use cases. So we asked experts, what metrics matter the most, and explained how Statsbot can help you to focus on them.

Martijn Scheijbeler — CMO at The Next Web

Reach is the most important metric for marketers, which creates a sustainable business model in media. You need also pay attention to engagement/retention + loyalty. In terms of loyalty, it’s mostly returning users: how often do they come back to TNW and how do they get back: always social, always organic, etc.

Here are some examples of work with Statsbot in your Slack channels. Note: it’s not necessary to type “@statsbot” before your command.

@statsbot returning users for november
@statsbot organic users from Sep 30 to Oct 30 
@statsbot pageviews by social networks last month

Jon Westenberg — CMO at Speedlancer Inc.

Time spent on page is the most important metric for myself and my company. I need to know that people are settling in and enjoying my content, not just skimming it.

@statsbot session duration by page this week
@statsbot avg session duration by page for mobile this week

Brian Honigman — Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant | Forbes Contributor | Adjunct Professor at NYU

Media companies value time users spend on site, unique visitors, email subscribers, returning visitors, social sharing, and above all, views and engagement on banner ads and native advertising. When being covered by the media, you should value the following metrics: referral traffic, views on the piece, link mentions, sales, and leads generated.

Statsbot gives you most of these metrics and supports all custom goals from Google Analytics. For example, you can ask Statsbot about signups for April or subscribes by source.

Dana Severson — CMO at Promoter.io

The biggest metric I look for with Google Analytics is our trial signup conversion rate, which we breakdown on a per channel and per source basis. For further clarity, we’ve created a series of custom reports to split our conversions based on a variety of UTM parameters.

@statsbot sessions by source/medium today 
@statsbot users by channels yesterday
@statsbot pageviews by campaign

As you can see, the “sessions” command using the source/medium dimension displays all sources including utm_source and utm_medium. If you would like to check sources only for UTM parameters, it’s better to use campaigndimension, or utm_campaign. If you want to know a type of source (Direct, Search, Referral, Social, Email), just type users by channel.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Statsbot is an innovative method of incorporating statistical analyses of meaningful metrics from Google Analytics into your company’s Slack channels.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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