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WhatsApp is one of the most prominent instant messaging apps of the modern era. People like it around all the countries in the world equally. Using WhatsApp we can easily exchange texts, audio and video files free of cost. WhatsApp is the app which is “multi-platform”, the meaning it can virtually run on any phone, smartphone or even tablet irrespective of the issue OS is installed.

Previously this messaging app was only available for Android-based devices, PCs, and iOS-based devices, but recently WhatsApp has been released for Java enabled devices also.

Java Mobile Platform.

Java ME is a platform specifically designed and developed for all the portable digital devices. Also, it is an open source system used in Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), TVs and other devices except for the mobile devices. Previously this platform was known as J2ME.

But the surprising fact is WhatsApp development is controlled by some very few developers worldwide. And so a great opportunity is available for freelance developers to the involvement in WhatsApp.

Java Software for Mobile Devices.

Java follows Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS) but implementing this feature initially for Mobile devices was quite a new idea. Some versions were developed from this platform and used in various mobile phones. These phones were not priced very high and were innovative in nature when launched. The Java ME code has the GNU a General Public License. It means you can use this software for study or commercial purposes; you can share it and of course, modify the same.

Using WhatsApp on Java Phones.

WhatsApp had done several changes to its features with times. WhatsApp has recently added the video calling, and WhatsApp Status (with Video/Image) functions. For Android and iOS phones it’s far very easy, as you can go to their respective Apps stores and download or upgrade the App, but it isn’t as clean as on for WhatsApp Java Phone.

Installation of WhatsApp for Java Mobile Phones.

The basic process remains same for most of the phones using Java OS. You need to search the specific downloadable file that is WhatsApp Java Jar file on your mobile phone.

Steps to installation

Download the WhatsApp Java Jar file on your phone. Now you have WhatsApp icon on your phone. Restart the phone and open the folder named ‘WhatsApp Java Apps’ on your mobile  Click on WhatsApp icon and install the WhatsApp Java App. Once again reboot your phone.

Finally, you should have WhatsApp installed on your phone.

As mentioned earlier, there are many variants defined by phones and files, and for some of the phones, you will have to perform the below mentioned additional steps:

  • If a pop-up asking you to agree with terms and conditions? Select Agree and proceed further. You will be asked the Country from where you belongs to and using WhatsApp along with your mobile number. Once you supplied your phone number, you will get a verification code on your phone via SMS, and on entering this code, your WhatsApp will be active.
  • Once you download the Jar file, click on to start the installation. After while the verification will be completed, you should have WhatsApp on your phone.
  • In some cases (mainly Nokia Phones like WhatsApp Java Nokia X2, and WhatsApp Java Nokia C2), you will get an option to download two files (one is .Jad, and another is .Jar). You need to download both of them on your computer and copy both of them to your Nokia phone in the same folder. Now it’s time to install the App and then restart the phone to avail the services of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the best apps of its kind which you can have on your phone. It is easy to update, and use WhatsApp and allows you never to miss the chance to communicate with your friends. The development team of WhatsApp is still working on to enhance their compatibility with other OS to make it more and more efficiently used App. The latest example is the WhatsApp+ for Chrome; we just need to be updated with the most recent developments in the industry and only check for your phone, time to time, for OS version on the official website i.e. www.whatsapp.com.

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