The Smartest Way To Choose Your Domain

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Purchasing a domain

A domain is a unique identity that you or your company has on the internet. It is the address that you have for your business in the cyber world. This is like a business card, which holds the information about an individual or company. Owning a domain name for the website is similar to holding an ownership over property. This domain name becomes your identity, and this is the name that your clients will type in the search engine when they try to get information about you and your business.

When you decide to get a domain name for your website, the first thing that you need to choose is the right place for purchasing the domain. The most common way of acquiring a domain name is by getting help from a web hosting provider.

Choosing a domain name

As mentioned earlier, obtaining a domain name is easy. Before you choose a service provider, make sure to choose a domain name carefully, as this would be the name that people can relate with, though they can be changed if there is a need. Type in the name you wish to register a domain name and select extension. The popular choice for domain names in the present scenario is the .com and the .org. People who are trying to find a company’s website, find it easy to remember the site names with these domains.

Also, Google seems to have taken preference to the .com, .org and .net and you will find that the search engine generates the domain names with these extensions first and then moves on to the others unless you mention otherwise.

Getting the right domain name

While purchasing a domain name, the tech experts keep emphasizing on the need for a functioning name that your client can relate to your business. For instance, if the domain name differs from the business, people might stop visiting your website and might consider it as spam. No matter what your domain name is, it can be keyword optimization to boost up your website. Here are few things to consider while purchasing a domain name.

  • Create a brand

Check for the available URLs with the domain name service and choose a domain name accordingly. Research your competitors to ensure that your brand doesn’t match anther business. One can be creative, but the brand name should speak for your credibility.

  • Brand and domain name must go hand in hand

The domain name that you plan on purchasing must be on par with your brand name. Your customers should be able to identify the type of business you are by looking at the name.

  • Consider all factors before choosing domain names

Though the main keyword in the URL has to be taken into account, it must not be the only criteria for choosing the domain name. Think of a name that is memorable and something that your customers would be able to access quickly.

  • Keep it simple

The domain names can be creative, but not hard to spell or recognize. Keep the names short, and stay away from numbers in the domain names.

  • Active extensions

Like mentioned earlier, .com seems to be the most sought after extension apart from .net and .org. The user can remember domain names with such extensions quickly.

Shopify allows you to register domains with their service and that can help your website look more credible, increasing the likelihood of making sales.


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