VideoBlocks Continues Path of Industry Disruption By Launching Stock Photo Marketplace

VideoBlocks Continues Path of Industry Disruption By Launching Stock Photo Marketplace
Credit: VideoBlocks

One of the most noticeable trends over the last few years is how we have all become creatives now. Even the nightly news features real footage captured on smartphones by people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time only to find themselves channeling their inner roving reporter.

Our smartphones, tablets, and computers deliver both opportunities and the freedom to write a book, record a radio show or live stream a video to a global audience. Whether you are a blogger, vlogger or podcaster, there has been a lack of affordable stock footage that has prevented many from competing with the big websites.

Traditional stock footage from the likes of Getty or Shutterstock is often too expensive for anyone that does not have a corporate account. However, even if you didn’t have a budget constraint, much of the content is tired and cliched with male models shaking hands in meeting rooms smiling smugly in their overly starched shirts.

The stock industry is beginning to look dated and ripe for disruption in a digital age where authenticity is the new currency. This is something Videoblocks and its sister sites GraphicStock and AudioBlocks having been tackling head on for some time now.

A focus on empowering digital natives to enhance their creative work is enabling them to compete with MTV or NBC by delivering premium content. In a nutshell subscribers of the services have access to premium audio, video, and graphics from the global community to give their work a polished and professional finish.

Users can now download the perfect song for background music on their next video or footage of the streets of London without breaking the bank. But what is next? VideoBlocks are now launching an artist friendly stock photo place and even offering early adopting photographers 100% of their sales.

It’s an exciting move and the antidote to the business models of the past littered with expiring credits and pricing schemes that required a calculator to figure out what you were paying for an image. TJ Leonard, CEO of VideoBlocks advised that feedback from the community confirmed that people want a simple, affordable, on-demand photo solution.

The success of our Video Marketplace, helping artists earn more through our unrivaled 100% commissions, as well as the incredible choice and savings we have passed on to our members, gave us the confidence that we could build a truly different kind of Photo Marketplace.

This latest announcement illustrates how creating a book, film, album or radio show was traditionally out of reach, but anyone can now create whatever we want, and the only limit is our imagination. It’s the business models of the past that involve charging inflated prices that only large companies can afford that are heading for troubled waters.

We now seek authenticity from our footage rather than contrived images. Maybe, this is just one of the reasons why younger audiences are turning their back on TV fakery and edited shows for authentic You Tubers who broadcast their raw footage warts and all.

Our members told us they were fed up with expiring credits and pricing schemes that required a calculator to figure out what you were paying for an image. They wanted a simple, affordable, on-demand photo solution. What better way to do this than to open it up to our talented, creative community to contribute? With this model, everyone wins.

I also spoke to TJ Leonard on my podcast about his mission to democratize stock media and provide creative content that everyone can afford. It’s one of those ideas that leaves you thinking, why didn’t I think of this?

The new Photo Marketplace will mirror the business model and success of its Video Marketplace predecessor. Launched in 2015, the company has given back more than $6 million by providing 100 percent commission to content creators.

The platform has already It built a library of over four million videos years faster than its predecessors, and VideoBlocks’ over 200,000 members enjoy a 40 percent discount on the entire archive.

VideoBlocks is continuing to increase its disruptive product portfolio and provide access to high-quality digital media assets at the most affordable price. 100 million downloads is a perfect testament to their loyal community that is clearly hungry to create and contribute the best quality of stock media assets.

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This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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