How a Video Monetization Platform can Pack a Punch to your Business


Video creators not always get what they desire out of publicly owned video sharing platforms. The pressing need for a dedicated video monetization platform is increasingly felt across several industry verticals.

YouTube, the world’s biggest repository of videos tweaks its video hosting and sharing norms every once in a while which gives quite a jolt to those rely on it for branding and marketing purposes.


With video marketing rendering statistics as high as 76% RoI in advertising, a dedicated video monetization platform is indeed the right foot forward for brands and marketers.

Dedicated video monetization platforms render a handful of benefits that outwit publicly owned video sharing websites. Here are some such benefits that establish the buy-worthiness of a dedicated video monetization platform.

Branded content streaming

Brands want to stream videos that are copyrighted with their brand watermarks. It ensures that the video is not stolen, duplicated or pirated for use by competitors or copycats. Sadly, YouTube and the army of other video sharing websites offer only limited facilities for branded content streaming.

An average user is exposed to at least 32.3 minutes of videos in a whole month (Source: HubSpot). It is easy for a video to be lost amidst millions of amatuer and copied content that are totally irrelevant to the brand’s motives. Hence, the need for a video monetization platform that bestows total freedom for branded video streaming.

Video content repurposing & monetization

Anything free is never utilitarian. Take for instance the limited video monetization avenues that video sharing websites provide. The best shot you have in online video platforms monetization is pre-roll, post-roll, mid-roll or advertising models.

Advanced ways to monetize video content like Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD), Audio or Video On Demand (AVOD) are rare to come by. This locks up the content repurposing and monetization ability of your painstakingly created videos.

But, a dedicated video monetization platform can turn things around. It can give access to niche as well as custom-created revenue models like pay-per-view to maximize the video content monetization ability.

Multiple content security measures

Video piracy is a global phenomenon. Not just video, even audio content ranks high as one of the most pirated digital content. The market value of unmonetized video on demand content runs into Billion because of piracy. Sadly, free video monetization sites or video sharing websites cannot provide ample security for your content.

But custom-built video monetization platforms can provide multiple layers of content security including Digital Rights Management, Video Encryption, Access control and much more to ensure that your monetizable video content remains safeguarded from piracy.

Live video analytics gathering

Having a pulse on the viewership and audience response to a video content can take your video monetization strategy far beyond breakeven into profitability. video monetization platforms with smart analytics can give detailed information about viewer age, location, gender and other demographics that will help fine tune your video monetization strategy for maximum viewership.

Online video streaming is growing in a steadfast manner. If you want to go far to monetize video streaming, a purpose-built video streaming solution is the best way out. From niche monetization avenues to content security and live analytics gathering, there is so much and much more that a video monetization platform can provide.

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