Valuable and Competitive: How health affects Productivity

Valuable and Competitive: How health affects Productivity

Adequate rest and sleep are what mostly follows a well thought out care plan in primary health care. For one, rest is where the body begins to recuperate from illness and injury. Sleep is essential to the body especially during hospitalizations because some medications are effective when a person is sleeping.

Health is synonymous with positive results. Companies who have high productivity have employees who are fit and healthy. In contrast, those businesses who have high attrition rates are those who have sickly workers. Sometimes, a lack of HMO’s or Health Maintenance Organizations lower the morale of these employees causing high turnover rates.

Professional Advice

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Health professionals such as nurses, doctors, and midwives ensure a patient to have the best environment conducive to recovery. If a company does have an existing HMO, it’s employees will surely benefit from having the best professional services. Morale starts to get a boost, enabling a company’s workers to produce more high quality results, without having to fear from illness and hospitalizations.

Health Maintenance Organization

HMO’s or Health Maintenance Organizations are groups that handle health insurance of employees in companies with a lot of employees. Benefits from having an HMO is a must and is a requirement by law. An HMO provides the best services and facilities to any employee it caters. An example of these benefits are mentioned below.

State of the art equipment such as modern hospital beds can have accessories such as side rails, stirrups, and in the case of psychiatric patients, beds can also have two or four point restraints. Beds also come with call buttons, that will alert nurses in their stations to cater emergencies concerning the patient.

Hospitals, in general, are places where people need to have the best medical treatment and care possible. Adequate rest and sleep are components of that treatment. Nurses, in particular, will make sure that a patient’s room is conducive for proper rest. Here are some common practices by health care practitioners so that their patients can get the best sleep.

With the service they provide, HMO’s provide only the best. Here are some examples of how dedicated healthcare professionals are when it comes to providing the best care to HMO insured employees.

Bed making

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Believe it or not, health care professionals have unique methods when it comes to folding linen. The reason for this meticulous approach is that a linen that has a lot of uneven surfaces can cause pressure ulcers in patients. A sheet’s irregular folds can cause skin irritations which could lead to more serious problems such as infection.


It is also a sworn duty of nurses and other healthcare professionals to uphold a patient’s privacy. Such tasks hold them liable to any untoward effect on a patient when a breach in privacy happens. It is also considered a crime for healthcare practitioners to divulge such information to other people who are not related to the care plan.

Privacy measures include closing the curtains of a room, allowing only a few specific visitors inside, adjusting the lighting, providing drapes, etc.


Lights can also make a difference when it comes to the sleep a person receives in a healthcare setting. Some hospitals also have specific lighting systems that allow healthcare professionals to “dim down” lights to make patients more sleepy and comfortable.


Indeed, the world has a lot of demands when it comes to work and production. This is a reason why most companies would benefit from having an HMO. It’s a fact that most employees will get sick during their tenure. Having an HMO or a Health Maintenance Organization ensures a worker that they have full coverage.

HMO’s provide the best service they can to everyone that they cover. With topnotch and state of the art facilities such as Hospitals and advanced hospital beds, employees can be sure that the treatment they get it is up to par with the highest standards. Not only that, the services done by professionals are the best when caring for patients and employees alike.

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