Using Mobile Technology for Modern Facility Management to Boost Revenues

Using Mobile Technology for Modern Facility Management to Boost Revenues

Facility management is one of the toughest tasks a manager has to deal with. If you have a large facility be it a power plant or a hotel, there are so many components that need effective management in order for operations to run smoothly. One simple error can lead to poor productivity, accidents or loss of business. Traditionally, a facility manager had to depend on manual data entry, phone calls and a lot of paperwork for things to keep moving. Things become more challenging if you have to manage facilities in different locations. Luckily, technology has now revolutionized facility management. Mobile Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is the ultimate tool to optimize your facility’s operations. This system helps you track your assets to ensure they are in optimal condition. It also helps improve response time in case of a breakdown and the requests are sent promptly on mobile devices. This guarantees faster response. Through preventive maintenance, mobile CMMS saves you a lot of money by avoiding downtime.

While you might have an efficient facility management team in place, it is important to appreciate the advantages, which this automated maintenance system brings to your business. Mobile CMMS technology is an innovative solution that has been adopted in many industries. Whichever industry you are working in, it is important to leverage the following benefits of a modern mobile maintenance system:

1. Asset Inventory

It is no secret that most large facilities suffer losses due to their vast asset inventory. While the dream of every business owner is to expand their asset base, this becomes a problem when you fail to manage your assets efficiently. It is essential to track your inventory to ensure that everything is working optimally. With mobile CMMS, it is now easy to receive, track and maintain physical assets even in different locations. Inventory results can instantly be sent to the dashboard and shared with the relevant department. If you are tracking your assets, it is easier to ensure they are working optimally. This in turn improves productivity.

2. On-demand Work Orders

Service requests must be immediately addressed to boost customer satisfaction. Delays in responding to work orders will affect the quality of service you are offering. With mobile CMMS, it is possible to send orders immediately to your staff even when in the field. They will not have to come back to the office to get their work orders. When you send work orders via mobile, the work can start immediately and this leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased business.

3. Preventive Maintenance

In any facility, there will be a pressing need for asset maintenance and the orders can overwhelm the front office. As a maintenance manager, you need a system that will help you predict problem areas in order to send proactive and prompt maintenance requests to your technicians. This guarantees longer life for your equipment and reduced maintenance costs for you. Properly maintained equipment is more efficient, which eventually helps boost production. With better maintenance scheduling, you will ultimately reduce downtime, thus increasing your revenues.

4. Better Employee Management

Staff management goes a long way in determining your revenues. You need to know who is doing what at any given time. You should also have a record of attendance and this can easily be done through a mobile facility management system. With access to the information needed, your workers will have better control of their tasks. Every employee will have information about where they are needed and at what time.

5. Better Quality Inspections

As a manager, facility inspection takes up a lot of your time. With mobile technologies, it is easier to inspect the entire facility even from the comfort of your office. This saves you time, which can be dedicated to other tasks. Quality inspection leads to better operations and ultimately a good financial bottom-line.

The best CMMS is compatible with mobile technology, which means you don’t have to overhaul the entire system. With mobile facility management, you have the opportunity to increase staff productivity, cut operation costs and as a result, boost customer satisfaction levels.

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