Best Unblocked Music Sites To Listen Music At School

Unblocked Music Sites

Music is the best medicine we have ever had because it has a massive impact on our lives and it’s been proved in some researches, conducted in different countries. We all like to hear the music in all the circumstances. And nowadays, due to the advent of latest technologies, online music gives us freedom to access music anywhere.

And so we have a significant number of websites flooded on the internet for music because the craze of unblocked music sites has been increased up to the optimum level. The latest mobile devices have made this market a hot cake for such companies who cater music to their users.


This website is one of the most user-friendly unblocked music sites which is to be used anywhere in the world. Here you will get all genre of the music, whether you want to listen to hip-hop, pop, rock, Country, R&B, Electronic or even other.

Zuus is the site which is entirely intended to consider the music significant others, who need to tune into music at whatever time anyplace with security too. Zuus has a decent database of songs in all the categories.


Soundzabound is a treat of music; you could get your favourite music unblocked without any royalty. Soundzabound one of those unblocked music sites which are specifically developed for educational purposes providing a wide variety of music.

This website offers perfect audio for PowerPoint presentations, digital storytelling, web designing, video yearbooks and any other visual media projects. You can fetch music based on your requirement as well as submit your audio files so that others can also get the help from it as well.


You can search a decent variety of unblocked music sites on the net, except for certain solely many of them area unit value mentioning. And BlueBeat is one of those few sites which has an extensive music library, and they are making it hunger day by day.

Here you could have the music of almost all the popular genres. BlueBeat is also a great platform to meet new people who have the same interest with you, and also you can have the option to listen to their playlists. And in the same way, you can also create your playlists and share with your friends and family.

It has got a very interactive interface for any user, novice to tech savvy; all the options are available. You get to go whatever music you wants to without surfing for hours. BlueBeat has its smartphone app also for those who likes to enjoy music at any place.

It requires adobe flash player to run the operations, and it allows you to create your BlueBeat account so that you can be able to save your settings, playlists, and all for further ease.


Bum is one of the best-unblocked music destinations and applications accessible in the field. The app of Slacker is readily available on play store, windows store, App store and from other platforms also without any cost. Slacker allows you to access to millions of songs and music albums at any point in time.

Slacker is an online radio station where you could store lots and lots of channels available, according to your artist, mood, and songs. You can even make a playlist of your most loved music station to play it at whatever time with no bother.

You could have access to an unlimited number of songs for free without creating any account. But if you like to create an account there then you will have some extra features like subscribing to other favourite channels, creating your channel, and much more. In this way, it is not just any other unblocked music site.

And of course it has some more features like the Sports and News station, so if you like it, you can listen to the latest news and sports content for free also.


PureVolume is another favourite unblocked music site which is accessible from any place. PureVolume constitutes the most popular music of all times, and you can be able to surf for your favourite songs, albums, artists and even events. In PureVolume, you will find music of all the genres with some oldest tracks which capture millions of hearts.

If you are in search of music for your celebration, you are on the right platform, PureVolume will provide you with all types of songs based on your preferences.


GrooveShark is again one of the most famous unblocked music sites, which is used in schools, college, and workplace. But the best part of GrooveShark is it gives you the free access to personalized Music albums. Here you can find latest tracks, albums, videos, upcoming songs on their website.

If you want to swim in the ocean of the music, we believe you must visit this site. With this site, you can create a playlist for yourself with search and play your favorite songs in just simple steps.

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