The two step guide to build great relationships with influencers

The two step guide to build great relationships with influencers

When you are an entrepreneur having good relationships with influential people in your niche is always an asset. But what does it take to be in the good books of mentors, advisors and the influencers?

Well, there is no pre-defined list of dos and don’ts for this, but there are certainly some wise words that I have tried in my life to make contacts with the most powerful people in my industry. And I am sure it will help anyone and everyone who is looking to get influential people as part of his friend list.

Here are the fifty cents that I’d like to share with you –

1. Grab their attention

grab their attention


It all begins with the first interaction. As they say, first impression is the last impression – you ought to grab the attention of influencers in the first go. You never know there might not be a second opportunity.

This is where the mode of connecting with the influencer becomes so important. For instance, if you are trying to connect with someone on social media you can begin by following their status updates and posts on social media regularly. Share them in your circle and comment on them to let the influencer know about your understanding of the industry.

Similarly if you are thinking of contacting the influencer directly using an email, try to be concise to the point and purposeful. Don’t beat around the bush or don’t try to be too fancy.

Keeping it simple and sharp is the rule of the thumb that you need to apply here!


2. Ask for help

ask for help


Once you have captured the attention of the advisor you can check the first tick in the list. Next comes the ultimate purpose of you approaching the influencer. Be clear about it – you are here seeking for help. Every successful mentor is ready to help if they know the person approaching has the right intent.

You cannot afford to get off the track after grabbing their attention. Be specific and concise – when you are an influencer you receive hundreds of emails daily. So don’t expect them to revert to your long emails with emotional stories and unwanted message. Make sure you have effective communication with them.

Keep it to the point, brief about the kind of help you are looking for an ask for a favor politely.

Think of it as an investment

Good relationships are the greatest investment one can make in life.

Getting an influencer to vouch for your product service can be the boost your business needs to reach the pinnacle. But to reach a stage where they can vouch for your business is something that’s going to require sincere efforts.

If you are willing to invest a little time doing all the right things, you can be certain of making it to the eyes of influencers in your niche.

On parting note

If you are still unsure of how to approach the influencers, then I am jotting a simple step by step guide to begin the process. Here it goes –

  • Narrow your search down to three influencers. (the ones you would want to contact)
  • Create a strategy to capture their attention. (engaging them on social media can be the perfect way to begin with)
  • Write a crisp and professional. (nothing works better than a compelling email to win the heart of influencer)
  • Ask for help, don’t beg for it. (avoid sounding too desperate, it could actually kill the mood of the influencer)

So, there you have it – give these tips a try and see how they work for you!

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