Transform passive FAQ to conversational experience.

Transform passive FAQ to conversational experience.

How often have you scrolled through frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages without finding the answer to your questions?
At Faqbot they believe this is one time too many, and I can totally agree on that.

This leads to unnecessary customer contacts either via email or phone calls. Hence, taking up companies’s valuable resources to manage and resolve the customer support requests. Often such questions are repetitive and 1 out of 2 times the answer are not to be found in the FAQ.

The founders of Faqbot, Mathis André (17) a high school dropout and Denny Wong (42) want to change this by creating the first artificial intelligent bot that can converse with customers and is accessible across different messenger platforms. Companies install Faqbot on their website and Facebook page in two clicks.

Faqbot aspire to transform how companies are serving their FAQ and doing their customer support thru the use of artificial intelligence, a feedback loop and ticketing platform that allow our clients to continuously enrich their database with the purpose to better serve their customers. Faqbot is working hard to create this new world one FAQ at a time.

However no robot can replace a customer support agent (yet) and that is not their intention. They just want to make it simple for users to interact with companies starting with their FAQ page.

Cross platform FAQs bot

Faqbot allows companies to install their own FAQs bot on their website and facebook page via messenger in two clicks. This allows customers to interact with the companies’s FAQ through texting.

Customer support tool

If the FAQs bot cannot answer a question, it will automatically create a ticket and alerts the customer support agent to take over the chat. When an appropriate answer is provided by the agent this information is automatically used to enrich the bot’s databases.

Simple and easy setup

Faqbot is delivered as software as a service (SaaS) that allow companies to transform their existing passive FAQ content into a FAQs Bot in two click. No development or programming skills are needed.

I was able to play with their beta for a few days, and I must say I’m pretty impressed.
You should definitely give this a try for your company, check-out their website here:

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