Top Tech Skills You Need to Have on Your Resume in 2017

Top Tech Skills You Need to Have on Your Resume in 2017

The dawn of a new year brings with it new opportunities for those seeking a job or wanting to switch one, and 2017 is no exception. If you are one amongst them, the onus rests on you to make your chances of landing a suitable job brighter. For this, you need to know what the top tech skills are trending in 2017.

We give you a low down on the top tech skills you need to have on your resume in 2017. Let us have a look:

#1 Big data analytics

You would be surprised to know that just in the past 2 years, data to the tune of 2.5 quintillion bytes has been created. It needs specialists to examine this large data that reveal hidden patterns, yet-to-be-discovered correlations, market trends, customer choices and other information to make it meaningful for businesses. The year 2017 views this specialization as a hot and paying skill that you must have on your resume.

#2 Cloud computing

If you are familiar with cloud computing, you would know that it is meant to store, manage and process data using a network of remote servers on the internet, rather than through a local server or a personal computer. Just to give an idea of the enormity of cloud computing, just imagine 120 hours of videos being uploaded on the YouTube on a daily basis, 200 million emails exchanged every minute and much more. So, hone your skills at Java and Virtualization, put it on your resume and get picked up in no time.

#3 Data visualization

In present times, how you present your data is important for corporate decision makers. If you add the skill of data visualization in your resume, that gives you an expertise in data presentation in a pictorial or graphical format, your employability gets enhanced. The modern-day data visualization tools have gone beyond the standard charts and graphs of Excel spreadsheets, they now include R, Tableau and Qlikview.

#4 DevOps

An amalgamation of ‘software development’ and ‘information technology operations’, DevOps automates the process of software delivery through the collaboration and communication of both software developers and information technology professionals. DevOps is based on two core principles – automation and continual improvement – making it a crucial part of software development. This field has opened a number of career opportunities around the world.

#5 IT security

With the availability of data on the net of almost every organization, its security becomes imperative. A breach in security can prove catastrophic to businesses and other web based establishments. This field requires skilled professionals and accounts for one of the top lucrative career options in 2017. Just to give an idea, IT security has grown by 18% since 2014.


With these hot skills on your resume, you are certain to bag professionally satisfying and well-paying jobs. However, how to write a resume that includes these skills in the most effective manner is another ball game altogether!

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