Top 7 Best Mobile Ad Platforms You Should Try in 2017

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Mobile advertising has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Developers are no longer limited to simple images and text, but now have the ability to use interactive and rewarding ads to engage the user. Beyond just how you can advertise, there are now countless ways to optimize, track, and report on your mobile advertising efforts. With so many options available, it’s no surprise how difficult it is to narrow down which network is right for you. Different solutions use different methods to help generate sales, leads, or app installs. Whether you’re trying to advertise a game or a product, these 7 networks have proven track records through their abilities to target, track, and optimize your eCPM.

Let me try to introduce each network as per their supported platform, Targeting and history:


Supported Platform: IOS, Android, Mobile Web

Targeting: Geo (country, state, city), Device (type, OS), Direct-Buys from Premium Publishers

Appnext is a mobile and in-app advertising platform that helps OEMs, top apps, mobile web publishers grow their mobile businesses by promoting apps. Mobile app and game publishers have made Appnext their primary choice for growing their mobile businesses.

Appnext’s CPI bidding connects advertisers with fellow developers. Advertisers can effectively bid and target their preferred audience through full screen interstitial and rewarded video ads.

Over 500M users interact with Appnext-powered app recommendations several times a day while surfing the web, playing games or using other non-game apps. With a growing community of over 40,000 developers Appnext supports all major mobile discovery formats, including Interstitials, Native ads, Full Screen and Rewarded Video formats.


Supported Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity, Cocos

Targeting: Carrier, Connection, Device, Interests, Geo, OS

AdMob joined the mobile advertising scene in 2006 and was soon acquired by Google in 2009. Aside from its popularity and branding, AdMob’s SDK and ease of use make it one of the first solutions to consider. The network lays out two paths for its advertisers. The express route implements native ads through an intuitive interface, allowing an ad to be created within minutes. However, taking the advanced approach, developers can instead create highly customized ads.

A wide range of formats are available across numerous platforms, including banner ads, interstitial ads, and custom search ads. AdMob aims to connect advertisers with publishers, creating seamless and effective targeting, in order to maximize revenues. However, despite its integration capabilities, personal reports have shown that AdMob’s results may not provide the highest return. Given its ease of use and reputation, AdMob is a good place to start in monetizing your app.


Supported Platform: IOS, Android

Targeting: Custom

Self-proclaimed “marketplace built by developers for developers,” Chartboost is the largest network devoted to advertising games. Utilizing cross-promotion, Chartboost provides a Mobile Game-Ad Network, as well as a virtual location for developers to sell inventory directly to other developers.

Personal reports show developers have gained a higher return on their Chartboost interstitial and video ads in comparison to standard network ads. However, be aware that despite its high returns and player installs, not all advertisers are considered to be premium.

Additionally, the network provides a plethora of analytics through its endless data collection. If gaming is your industry, this network is worth a look.


Supported Platform: IOS, Android, Mobile Web

Targeting: Carrier, Connection, Device, Geo, Interests, OS

Reaching over 1.5 billion devices in more than 165 countries, it is easy to see why Inmobi was recognized as one of the most innovative companies in 2016. Developers can grow their install base through the volumes of high traffic publishers have to offer. However, in order to gain a high return from its impressive reach, you’ll have to put a few more eggs in the mobile advertising basket.

The investment pays off as ad placements learn user behavior and provide tailored ads accordingly through Inmobi’s data driven personalization. The platform is easy to use, providing 4 types of ad formats; interstitial, rewarded video, native content, and banner. The results may be costly but if high traffic is your goal, Inmobi is your network.


Supported Platform: IOS, Android, Corona, Unity

Targeting: Carrier, Connection, Device, Geo, Interests

Previously considered the “holy grail of mobile networks,” RevMob provides effective results for game publishers. RevMob ensures a standard run of the mill network, reaching target audiences via device, carrier, connection, interests, or location. RevMob also provides a variety of ad formats, such as native, banner, interstitial, video, and rewarded video ads. While RevMob may not have as large a scale as Chartboost, it does offer support for game engines Unity and Corona. If you’re looking for reliable installs and a high eCPM, then look no further.


Supported Platform: IOS, Android, Mobile Web

Targeting: Custom

Unlike its competitors, Tapjoy’s CPI primarily uses incent traffic to drive its network. While not the most reliable method, this strategy allows developers to achieve app growth fast. Keep in mind incentivized downloads do not always lead to quality installs.

Tapjoy’s ability to retarget is supplemented by its predictive analysis technology that predicts users’ future value. By giving users the option of incentivized downloads over in-app purchases, Tapjoy rewards developers with larger numbers. If fast growth is your primary objective, Tapjoy is the solution for you.

Unity Ads

Supported Platform: IOS, Android

Targeting: Connection, Device, OS

Targeting mobile games, Unity Ads focuses on video ads that integrate seamlessly with the player’s experience. The network provides easy integration for games built with the Unity engine, but is also available for games developed elsewhere. The video interstitials can be rewarded, often with in-game currency, resulting in a higher return for many developers.

The network also boasts high quality users through its proprietary targeting technology. The one downside commonly expressed by developers is the low fill rate Unity Ads may provide. Given its performance optimization and targeting, Unity Ads is the choice for developers in a specific gaming genre.


Leveraging the right mobile advertising service can make a huge impact for your overall marketing strategy. Allowing you to grow your customer base by targeting the right audiences, the companies mentioned here can definitely improve your business outcome. Mobile app or game start-up brands nowadays have witnessed the effectiveness of mobile advertising – from the varied selection of ad formats to laser-focused targeting options.

Don’t forget to share your experience with these platforms and also let me know other best platform/s that you have experienced with in below comment.

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