Top 5 Globally Recognized App Development Agencies in 2017

Top 5 Globally Recognized App Development Agencies in 2017

The global app design and development industry has undoubtedly grown in a colossal rate in a very short span of time where hundreds of professional app development agencies incepted and achieved global recognition. But, few of them have become the pioneers of this industry by crucially adapting to the swiftly developing technology appraisals, changes and dynamic users’ demands. Let us now get a quick outlook of the top 5 globally recognized development companies that stands on top of the list in the year 2017.

WillowTree, Inc.

WillowTree Inc. is the top most industry leading name for mobile development technologies and solutions for businesses. The company has continued to provide professional services to SME’s and large scale businesses since 2007.

The company is highly renowned for offering professional digital services and solutions that largely encompasses mobile strategists, software engineers, UX/UI design experts and much more. Moreover, the company takes huge pride in proclaiming over 300 successful mobile solutions to some of the world’s top notch enterprises namely GE, Time Warner, Johnson & Johnson, AEG, AOL and Regal Cinemas.


Intellectsoft is a comprehensive IT services and solutions provider that offers matchless designing, developing, marketing and systems maintenance services to business on a global scale. The company has successfully managed to cater and satisfy more than 300 clients in terms of app and software development since 2007 backed by its 7 regional offices. The company owns a considerable number of employees that exceeds a total of 200 expert business strategist and IT professionals till date.

Intellectsoft is one of the few globally recognized names that are renowned for android and iOS apps development. More than that, the company has also managed to gained considerable customer base in the area of CRM, ERM, marketing and turnkey solutions to several business across the world.


Ingic is a complete online digital consultancy agency that offers an extensive range of IT centric services and solutions to business all across the globe. Incepted back in 2012, the company has gained significant fame and recognition in the global mobile app development industry. The company proudly proclaims offering professional IT services namely, mobile application development, web development, software development, content management systems, corporate branding, digital marketing and promotions.

Ingic is one of the only few web and app development companies that are renowned for their global presence by owning regional offices in New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, UK, Singapore and Dubai. The company reports reflect catering more than 1500 customers across the world and proclaims to have more than 500 employees across its different offices.

 Dom & Tom

Dom and Tom is one of the best globally recognized app development companies headquartered in the USA. Founded by Dominic Tancredi and Tom Tancredi, the company has managed to cater almost 400 customers while employing more than 100 employees across its Los Angeles, Chicago and New York offices. Moreover the company proudly proclaims to have worked on more than 120 native mobile apps since it was established in 2009.

The company incepted as a result of the quest to launch a mission driven digital product development agency by Dominic Tancredi and Tom Tancredi and swiftly became a well-recognized name in the global app development industry. Currently the company offers a wide range of services that covers Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, IoT, VR, AR, iBeacon, tvOS etc. while targeting food, healthcare, publishing, start-ups, travel and enterprise verticals.


Appster is a large scale mobile and web applications development company that features more than 350 experts and IT professionals across offices in San Francisco, New York, Melbourne and India. Within a few years Appster has created a stellar reputation and recognition in the global app development industry and has successfully managed to get listed on the top listed business reviews lists.

The company seems pretty big in terms of its achieved numbers. From standing on the 27th most innovative company rank up to reaching an unbelievable $7.5 million worth company in just 9 months, the company has been listed by a number of credible sources, blogs and industry analysts. The company currently strives to cater a number of today’s top trending IT centric verticals while encompassing startups, enterprise and investment intensive customers from all over the world.

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