Top 5 Facebook Travel Groups For Globe Trotters Of Today

Top 5 Facebook Travel Groups For Globe Trotters Of Today

The best way to celebrate travel is to share your stories with others. When you narrate that adventurous trek you took over snow clad mountains or how big waves couldn’t stop you from surfing, we know you have a priceless smile. And not just sharing, reading others’ travel diaries can give a big boost to the traveller’s heart in you too. With the advent of social media sharing has become magical. Like-minded people from across the globe now come together to discuss travel. We list chosen five of these groups for you to get inspired.

For the nomadic hearts.

A large number of young souls today are living a life that is a journey through countries and gathering endless experiences. Solo travellers or backpacker couples are a common sight in every corner of the world. This one useful group called Nomads is for all such people who want to make the most of their travels. Gather tips on how to travel at low costs, make your stays cheap and find information about the most exciting trails to further explore the world.

For the gang of girls

Women travellers have grown in numbers significantly, both as all girls groups and solo wanderers in the last couple of decades. With the help of the internet and useful apps to help women travellers, many ladies find it easy to travel anywhere now. Girls LOVE Travel is a great forum for the crowd to discuss tricks and tips for traveling and share knowledge about which places are safe and ideal for women travellers.

For those who pen it down

We all love travel and bring back experiences to cherish for a lifetime. But some of us love to put all that to words. Writing down every little detail with descriptions of how exciting their expedition was, is something they do with passion. Yes, we are talking about the travel bloggers of the world who make reading travel diaries interesting and fun. Bloggers and Travellers is the ideal group on Facebook where you can share and boast off your blogposts and also discuss the art of blogging to help others follow. Whether a pro or a beginner, this place is for you to learn from.

For the Vegas fanatics

When in Las Vegas you are in for a treat of a lifetime as you enjoy the parties, get high at the casinos or simply go crazy walking down the streets. But if you need to know what is really happening around, then we recommend you visit the page Las Vegas Largest Social Network. A medium that gives you continuous updates of what’s trending in town and where is the crowd heading to. Events, parties and special offers, you will find it all. So all you need to do is check in to your affordable hotel in Las Vegas and get scrolling on this page to plan your day.

For those who make their trips click

Shutterbugs are everywhere when you talk about travel. With lenses going stronger and cameras becoming more advanced, the click crazy are spreading out to both popular and unknown horizons to get the best shot. A Facebook page named Travelling around the world with a camera is an amazing platform for all such people to come and share their work. Witness some awe-inspiring images and also get suggestions and criticism from masters for your own clicks. Celebrating photography was never this interactive before.

So what are you waiting for? Join the one that interests you the most or maybe join them all to get a heavy variety of travel info on your newsfeed every day.

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