Top 10 Free Invoicing Software for Small Business Owners

Top 10 Free Invoicing Software for Small Business Owners

Every small business owner operates on what is often a shoestring budget with limited resources for investing in tools, processes, and equipment to handle the daily operational tasks within the company.

When a free resource becomes available that provides something truly useful that helps a small business owner improve their company, it’s well worth sharing with others.

Invoicing is one area of operating a company where every small business owner can really use some free assistance, especially if it offers a more efficient and cost-effective way to handle what usually is a laborious task. Here are ten free invoicing software companies that offer multiple benefits for small business owners:

Due: Started in 2015, Due is setting the standard in what free invoicing software can offer. It delivers multiple features, including time tracking, templates, currency and language options, expense capture, recurring invoicing, automated functionality, database features, and a dashboard all for free. There is integration with Stripe, PayPal, and Basecamp. Other add-on options that are very low cost include domestic and global credit card processing, digital wallet, money transfers and other payment options for online and mobile processing.

Sighted: This UK company provides simple, convenient, and free customizable invoicing and quote solutions for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Free features also include expense recording and multi-currency functionality. The free plan allows a single user to bill and quote two clients up to 10 times per month and provides for 10 expense reports. Other low-cost plans provide the ability to accept online payments.

Wave Accounting: Wave Accounting products, including its invoicing software, accounting, and receipt scanning, are completely free. The free invoicing software includes features like unlimited invoicing, customizable invoice templates, recurring invoices, automatic reminders and acknowledgements, multi-currency capability, invoice status and customer statements. You can add on a pay-as-you go payroll and credit card processing.

InvoiceBerry: InvoiceBerry offers a Forever Free plan that is perfect for small business owners like freelancers and entrepreneurs. This plan provides for one user to invoice three clients and use two invoice templates. The plan also includes many other invoice software features, such as unlimited invoicing and quotes, expense tracking, branding tools like the ability to add a logo, multiple languages and currencies, reports, and printable, PDF, and email invoices.

Zoho: Zoho has many plans available for various business sizes. The best plan for small business owners is its free option that allows one user to invoice up to 25 customers per month. Other features that are included in the free invoicing software include time tracking, time sheets, expense tracking, customizable invoice templates, multiple-currency support, a customer portal, recurring invoicing, payment reminders, and estimates.

BillFaster: BillFaster offers forever free invoicing software for small business owners with features like the ability to print or email invoices, branded invoices with logo add-on, free invoicing templates, estimates, reports for P&L and sales tax reporting, customer statements, free support, and recurring invoices. The cloud-based invoicing software can be accessed across all devices.

Nutcache: Nutcache has multiple pricing plans, including a free plan for small business owners. The free invoicing software allows each user to send up to 20 invoices for free each month and offers 1GB of storage. Other features include eight languages, unlimited clients and projects, basic and advanced reporting, project collaboration, recurring invoices, and the ability to customize and brand invoices.

The Invoice Machine: This invoice software is ideal for the small business owner that only sends a few invoices and estimates per month. The free plan offered by The Invoice Machine allows for only three invoices a month and three estimates a month for one user. However, it comes with a long list of other beneficial features, including PDF invoices, email invoices, recurring invoices, multiple languages, and currencies, unlimited clients and projects, Thank you and payment reminder emails, and time tracking. It also integrates with PayPal,, and Basecamp.

Ronin: Ronin provides a free plan that allows one user to invoice two clients and one contact per client. Other free features include staff and rolls, client-facing log-ins, expense and time tracking, multiple currencies, customizable logo and invoice templates, estimates, clients, and invoices. Upgrading to a paid plan provides you with larger limits, reporting, and payment integration.

Invoicely: This free invoicing software provides unlimited invoices for one user and allows them to bill in any currency. Other features included in the free plan are limited branding, multiple businesses, and the ability to accept payments through PayPal. Invoicely offers numerous other low-cost invoicing plans that come with more features, such as all types of online payment acceptance and multiple users.

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