These 2 Tools will Transform Your Social Media Marketing Routine

These 2 Tools will Transform Your Social Media Marketing Routine

I still remember the first days when I started working in social media. There were my first pain filled days from my entire career. Because that was the moment when I figure it out that working in social media is more than just posting some interesting ideas and creative texts on Facebook and Twitter.

The social media platforms launched new features, new channels to distribute the content and new ways to connect with users. More news, more work to do and let’s not forget that social media is not only about posting new content.

And this was my personal struggle when I started rolling in this industry: doing my job and also learning the new formats.

Back in those days, it was pretty hard because there weren’t any tools that could curate for me the best news people loved or there wasn’t a tool that can give me a simple reminder on what important day will come next week.

So, if you are a beginner in social media, I recommend you these 2 tools that can save you more time on working and will also curate the news and lessons you need to learn.

1. PromoRepublic

It doesn’t matter if you are a social media beginner or a social media jedi master, I bet you also struggle with time on creating content and when to schedule it. Although there are tremendous softwares that can help you schedule your post, that there are a few who can be your personal assistant that can give you some great inspiration and ideas on what to post.

I found Promo Republic as a very useful tool that solves the scheduling problem on social media and also finding new ideas for what to post.

Promo Republic has 3 cool features that made me wrote this article about it:

1. Calendar – it’s very different than other calendars because it makes it easy to observe what to post, when to post and also they give you some great inspiration on the big key events that are to come. It’s an awesome integration between calendar scheduling and ideas.

Promo Republic Calendar

2. The design tool – we all know how important visual content is in social media marketing. So this second feature is another reason why I recommend Promo Republic. Because you can edit and create visuals that you can instantaneous post on your social media network. It’s a drag and drop design tool that will save you a lot of time and you don’t have to be a professional designer to use it.

Promo Republic Calendar

3. The statistics – most marketers are struggling with the statistics part for their brand. But Promo Republic is also giving you this part so you can analyze how you content worked on social media. For example, if you want to see the stats on your Facebook Page you just have to connect your Facebook Page with Promo Republic, then go to Statistics and here you go: all the information you need about how your post is performing. I especially love the “Efficiency” feature because it’s showing me the sum of shares, likes, comments, visits of a post divided into the number of views. And in this case I know which worked well and which not.

Promo Republic Statistics

So here you go: the 3 features that can make my day using Promo Republic.

But what do you do after you finish your social media work? You have to learn and get better with your knowledge in this business, right? And how do you find a great tools so you can curate the websites and blogs that are talking about a topic you are interested in? Well, let me present you Zest.


2. Zest

The sheer volume of irrelevant, uninsightful content that social media managers need to search in order to find that one value-added piece that will engage their communities is larger than ever.

Zest, a new tab Chrome extension, is tackling this very thing – eliminating the time spent shifting through clickbait titles, regurgitated articles and, as we all know too well, fake news.

“Unlike existing options for content curation, Zest takes a new approach. Our new-tab extension appears naturally in the workflow of every social media marketer with the opening of each additional tab; it doesn’t require visiting a community, relying on email, or searching through all of your bookmarked blogs” explains Yam Regev, CMO and Co-founder of Zest.


This tool is a social media marketer’s dream. It’s a potent combination of inspiration repository, quality content platform and online community.

With the opening of each new tab, social media marketers have an easily sortable feed of fresh, inspiring content at your fingertips. Being able to actually search content by topic, rather than having to search on 5 different blogs, 4 social media networks and 3 forums for that specific topic, speaks for itself.

Zest Chrome

An interesting (and desirable) feature of Zest from a social media marketer’s perspective is its human element. They hand-pick – read: no bots – only around 1% of all articles submitted to be published on their extension. Quality isn’t even a question, it’s a fact.

While working hard is good, and, in most cases, great, working smarter is almost always better. With Zest, professionals don’t only nail down the curation element of their job, but also the social one as well. With user profiles and the ability to view follows, shares and more, Zest really created a tribe of marketers based around the needs of busy social media markete

With a straightforward interface, powerful search, off-the-charts quality and ease of use, social media marketers that don’t already use Zest are certainly missing out on the next big thing.


I understand how hard it is to work in social media and content marketing. You have to understand what is the trend in the industry, how to use new features and what is the best resource that will help you be a better social media marketer. A lot to do and a lot to learn.

But this is why I recommend you 2 tools that can optimize your time and save you more energy so you can become a smart marketer.

Can you suggest any other easy-to-use social media marketing tools?

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

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