Time for iOS helps you using your time more efficiently

Time for iOS helps you using your time more efficiently

You hear it right! A new app was launched today called “Time”.
We all know this feeling, we want to get a ton of things done during a day but unfortunately a day only has 24 hours, so we have to spend every minute of it wisely. That’s where the new app “Time” comes in.

Time makes it possible to add a task and assign a time period to it, for example: “Checking my email – 25 minutes”, if you finish this task earlier, you just pull down the wave to finish it. The app is AI Powered which means it learns from you. If I’d often finish the same task earlier then I entered, the AI will recommend me the next time to decrease the task duration and it automatically suggests a better duration. This works the same way for tasks you’re spending more time on then expected.

This way Time helps you to be time efficient. I noticed the color of the waves really motivated me to keep working: when you have very little time left the wave turns red, which motivates you to work harder.

I would definitely recommend you giving this application a try.

➤ Time [iOS]

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