Three Key Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Customer Service

Three Key Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Customer Service

The today’s world of business where everyone tries to be as efficient as possible, one of the areas that is always time consuming tends to be customer service. This part of a business can make or break your reputation, yet so many businesses fail when it comes to attending to their customers in a timely manner.

Luckily for customers, the days of conducting customer service through email are long gone. Instead, businesses have turned to apps, plugins, bots, and social media to treat their customers to a smooth problem solving experience.

As an example, Oberlo, a plugin for Shopify stores that enables entrepreneurs to import hundreds of products within minutes, uses Intercom and Helpscout to handle their customer service. These apps plugin to their website and make customer service requests easy to manage.

Though utilizing apps can streamline customer service, it can also become expensive for a startup depending on the number of requests you’re receiving. That is why several companies have opted for a designated Twitter handle to address this issue. Companies often enable customers to tweet @CompanyNameHelp to easily get a answer.

With the rise of ways to handle customer service, below are three of the most trending ways to do so in a easy manner:

Utilize a Plugin

In today’s world of online business, customers want answers fast. That is why many sites utilize plugins that enable messaging apps directly on their websites. This enables customers to message someone directly at your company, but also means someone has to be responsible for answering these questions that are often coming in throughout the day.

One of the most effective customer service plugins is Drift. As their website states, nine out of ten customers want to be able to use messaging to talk to businesses. Drift enables businesses to install a plugin so potential customers can easily ask questions.

Program a Chat Bot

The most trending way of streamlining the time consuming area of customer service is the development of chat bots. Though chat bots aren’t new, the number of businesses using chatbots to automate customer service has seen a recent spike. This is fueled by the API integrations of Facebook messenger, where businesses are now using their own chatbots to answer questions through Facebook’s messaging app.

If you’re looking to get your own chatbot setup, @Mssg is one of the leading developers for creating Facebook chatbots. Their approach is fast and efficient, as they create the bot for you, install the bot with common questions your customers may be asking, and then integrate the bot into your page for you. As an example, you can see a chatbot in action by messaging in to Sourcify’s Facebook page.

Batch Customer Service

This old school methodology still has merit today. If you want to streamline your customer service, try batching times to answer questions. This enables you to focus your attention to this area of your business only at certain times throughout the day.

To do this correctly, start by choosing two or three parts of a day where you will devote a time period to customer service. When you’re in the right mindset and focused on helping your customers, you will be able to answer them more efficiently. Before installing plugins to the Oberlo website, this is what Tomas Slimas did to effectively answer customer questions about dropshipping.

What was once seen as the most rudimentary part of business has now become the forefront of innovation for every startup. If you’re looking to improve your customer experience, it’s time to try a plugin, program a chatbot, or batch the times you handle customer service. With customer service often making or breaking a business, you should start utilizing one of these tools!

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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