The Tech Trends That Will Define 2017

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2016 was not a great year for many of us, as there were a number of news stories that served as a reminder of the world that we are now residing in and an election cycle that was draining, no matter which side of the discussion you were on.

However, 2016 was a year that was filled with a number of great technological breakthroughs, setting the table for 2017 that will allow us to take even greater strides. Android app development and iPhone app development are at an all time high and top app development companies are working around the clock to reap the benefits of rapid technological advancements.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the tech trends that are going to come to define the next 12 months so that readers can remain on the cutting edge.

The Internet of Things

Even those who only have a passing level of familiarity with technological trends have probably already heard about the impending inevitability of the Internet of Things. Technological experts and observers believe that we are on the verge of having homes where every item is linked and interoperability is the norm, as opposed to a trend. While all of our devices are not connected at the moment, smart homes are poised to become more and more common in 2017 and wireless technologies that suit your home needs will also become more prevalent.

More Automation

Automation is far from new, at least to those who have spent time on the business side of the conversation. We are all used to automated customer service and if 2016 is any indication, we are headed for a far greater level of automation in various other aspects of our daily living this year. Automated customer service will become more commonplace, as will automated online assistance. A wide range of jobs is also slated to become automated this year, including food service and journalism.

Food Service

Speaking of food service, technology is also slated to affect the way that we consume our food as well. The world’s population is growing at an uncontrollable rate and technology must be used to ensure its continued survival. As a result, synthetically produced foods are on the rise and 2017 promises to be the year where they finally make their way into the mainstream. Scientists are working to make these foods healthier and more feasibly obtainable and by year’s end, you should be seeing them in your local grocery store on a consistent basis.

The Increased Role of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality became more readily available in 2016 and while it is not allowable for any of us to wear a VR headset when we are on the job, the line between virtual reality and real life is slated to become much more blurry in 2017. Navigation services are expected to reach a greater level of specificity and by year’s end, you should have the ability to use store specific apps that direct you to the exact aisle that you are looking for.

As you can see, 2016 has set the table for a plethora of useful technological innovations and 2017 promises to be a great year in this regard. While we cannot predict the future, one thing is for sure: the advances that we are about to experience will make for a much easier existence in the years to come.

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