The Future of Artificial Intelligence in our Lives

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in our Lives

Chatbots are not news to many and a lot of people have had a chance of using them through one way or another. Recently, interests on this new technology have significantly increased and a lot of factors are playing roles in artificial intelligence evolution. Thanks to chatbots, artificial intelligence is now becoming publicly acceptable and accessible. Although there has been a pronounced technological improvement over the last decade or so, a large disconnect between the public, businesses and technology still exist particularly when it comes to A.I.

A.I and the people

The artificial intelligence subject has remained to be a taboo subject amongst the general public. There have been valid concerns that this new technology might bring about the loss of jobs particularly through automation. The public is still worried about the fate of its employment positions once artificial intelligence becomes fully operational few years from now. Clearly, A.I has not been completely accepted by the people. Moreover, people have shown a lot of fear towards this new life changing technology.

However, people have now started reconsidering their fears towards artificial intelligence and thanks to chatbots, they are now acknowledging the fact that A.I is now part of their lives. Although people have previously used artificial intelligence in their daily activities for numerous years on areas including Google and Facebook, they seem not to have been aware. The fact that there are thousands of operational chatbots out there currently means that artificial intelligence is presently difficult to ignore than ever before. Additionally, the general publics’ interest on bots is on the rise and people just want to experience engaging an artificial entity in a conversation.

Although chatbots are already providing users with a lot of benefits, people are yet to experience the best that artificial intelligence can offer. Initially, artificial intelligence companies aimed at providing businesses with solutions that could assist them to run their businesses smoothly. The chatbot created easily became part of businesses’ staff and made operations much easier. Not only could the bot communicate with its member team, but had access to core systems functionalities as well. Moreover, they were able to interact with much ease with the surrounding environment and carry out tasks excellently freeing up human resources. All these ensured that businesses reduced costs leading to more profits.

Future A.I

However, renowned artificial intelligence companies are currently working on ways to improve the current solutions using advanced A.I technologies. Some of these technologies include machine vision, speech synthesis, speech recognition and natural linguistics. Although natural linguistics is already available in the current chatbots, most of the other technologies are yet to be implemented on chatbots.

Hopefully, these amazing technologies will find their way in the future chatbots and this will help transform artificial intelligence. Businesses will definitely enjoy the benefits provided by the up-coming artificial intelligence. Operations will require less human resources because these solutions will assume most of the work done by humans. This means that businesses will significantly cut on costs of operations leading to a lot of sales and profits.

Besides helping the few available team members, the future A.I will also play a major role interacting with site visitors or clients directly. This will be similar to how the current chatbots interact with clients, but they will be able to provide much more effective services. As you might be aware, most chatbots are currently accessed using textual UI. This mode of A.I is very primitive and companies are focusing on making some improvements on this. Besides providing a slicker UI, companies are also working on implementing voice synthesis and voice recognition.

This implies that the future artificial intelligence will be able to listen to clients and respond to them by speech. This will ensure that customers never touch their mouse or keyboard. Although there are still several drawbacks with the technology behind speech recognition, the future A.I will feature better technologies that will end up improving these applications.


Customers will be able to effectively navigate stores and talk to an A.I assistant if they need assistance identifying services or products. The future A.I will also be able to assist them to manage their accounts and shopping carts. Business owners will love the future A.I because of their abilities to learn products added seamlessly. Moreover, they will be capable of interacting with clients better by providing assistance to website visitors.

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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