How to Tell If Someone has Blocked You on Facebook Messenger

How to Tell If Someone has Blocked You on Facebook Messenger

Facebook, the social networking giant has dramatically influenced the way we communicate with our peers, near and dear ones. With a huge portfolio of addictive products, Facebook has kept people engaged with others.

Facebook Messenger is one among these addictive apps that lets you express your voice through text, emoji’s and lovely stickers. The best thing is to spend most of the time in Messenger, texting to your friends and dear ones.

On the flip side the worst thing that no one wants to happen is getting blocked by their dear ones and beasties.

In this article we would tell you how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook Messenger.

As said earlier, sharing your feelings with your loved ones through emoji’s, thousands of cute animated stickers, voice clips, and memes available on Messenger is quite funny and wonderful feeling.

With the help of Messenger you can flirt with your crush and make her the girl of your life.

Waking up on a fine morning and coming to know that you will no more get those cute good mornings from your beasties on Messenger, could literally be the worst feeling.

Want to know why can’t you send or receive messages from them? Well the answer is that you might have been blocked by them on Messenger. Wondering how to make sure you’ve been blocked on Facebook Messenger.

Here is how to tell if someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger permanently.


  • No text field:

The first thing that would happen if someone has blocked you on Messenger is that. If you try to send a message to your friend, you can’t find the text field where you type in the message. Instead you will see a prompt stating “you can’t reply to this conversation” , on both messenger mobile and web applications.

  • Display as Facebook user:

In your chat lists on Messenger the person who blocked you will be shown as “Facebook user” in bold letters. You can’t even see his/her profile picture. This might happen in two cases, if the person has completely blocked you or might have opt in to delete the account. If you delete this thread you no longer find him/her on Facebook.

  • Opting to block messages only:

Facebook Messenger has a newly added feature that would let its users to block only messages they receive. One can still find his/her photos, posts and Facebook activity.

In this case you can see their online status; you will be notified with message showing “the person is not available right now”, when you try to send a message through Messenger platform.

So next time when you come across such cases with friends on Messenger, the fact is that you have been blocked. So make sure to stay strong hearted to take upon this fact.

So share your voice and any such experiences you have come across. Also do you want, Facebook to disable this feature well tell us through comments and by sharing this article.

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