Techstars Music: Welcome Class Of 2017

Techstars Music: Welcome Class Of 2017

Last October, a three-month, mentorship-driven startup accelerator program called Techstars Music was unveiled by managing director Bob Moczydlowsky.

The concept is simple; they invited music-based startups to apply for an opportunity to join the accelerator program. In return, Techstars promised a $120,000 investment and mentorship from some of the biggest names in the industry during an intensive three-month incubation program.

Throw in premium office space in sunny LA, and the tradeoff of a modest 6% equity in each company seems like a very small price to pay for those lucky enough to be handed a life changing opportunity.

We scour the planet looking for companies solving real problems in music and creating delightful experiences for fans – Bob Moczydlowsky

Techstars Music is supported both financially and strategically by behemoths such as SONY Music, Warner Music Group, SONOS, Harmonix Music Systems, Silva Artist Management, Era Of The Engineer, Bill Silva Entertainment and QPrime Management.

Six months after traveling the world searching for the best music startups across our planet, Techstars Music recently revealed their Inaugural Class Of 11 Startups.

Amper Music (US)
Based in New York, Amper is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that empowers you to instantly create and customize original music for your content.

Hurdl (US)

Nashville-based startup brings unique wearable LED devices for audiences to wear at gigs and create direct relationships with fans through immersive experiences. The devices also capture useful customer data from their live music experience.

Jaak (UK)
JAAK connects songs, films, and TV shows directly to the artists, producers, writers, and organizations that create, own and distribute them.

Pacemaker (Sweden)
Who says the art of creating mixtapes has gone? With the help of Pacemaker, you can now share them with friends across multiple devices. A combination of social features and AI  is helping the platform evolve into something unique and exciting.

Pippa (US)
Pippa could soon be a big hit with podcasters across the global community. Pippa enables creatives to use targeted advertising on their content and create ad revenue streams.

PopGun (Australia)
Anyone remember Last.FM? PopGun takes personalization to a whole new level by measuring data from streaming services and enables AI to write new music that matches consumer habits.

Robin (Canada)
A Toronto-based startup that is your best friend against ticket bots when your favorite artist’s tour goes on sale. A ‘personal concierge’ that reserves and secures tickets on behalf of fans also provides real-time demand data to artists and event organizers.

Shimmur (US)

As fans turn to YouTube stars for authenticity and a direct connection with their online heroes, Shimmur aims to bringer greater engagement between recording artists and their fans. The app enables users to connect with artists by creating content and inviting artists to engage directly with them.

Superpowered (US / Hungary)

The team behind Superpowered proudly declare that the this is the fastest mobile audio engine for games, virtual reality and other apps on both wearable and mobile devices.

SyncSpot (UK)
Award-winning AI startup that increases sales through “added value” promotions.

Weav (US / UK)
With Google Maps co-creator Lars Rasmussen as a co-founder, there is obvious excitement surrounding Weav. Biometric-driven adaptive music that recomposes in real-time to suit your exact context is certainly making all the right moves, even at this early stage.

Techstars Music Class of 2017
Techstars Music Class of 2017

The lucky startups are now officially part of the bigger picture Techstars portfolio of 905 companies, who’ve gone on to raise more than $3bn in funding between them, with a collective market cap of $7.8bn.

We often here how video content rules the digital airwaves, but there is a strong argument that music is more valuable to audiences of all ages as it comes in many forms. For example, can you imagine YouTube without music? Although it’s true that the music industry was infamously late in adopting technology and change, it now leads the way in embracing the benefits of collaboration and innovation.

I talk to Bob Moczydlowsky on my podcast about each of the music startups and the magic that occurs when you put a bunch of talented entrepreneurs from all over the world in the same room. Meanwhile, make a note of May 18th in your calendar as this is the moment that each of these startups will have an opportunity to showcase their work on demo day.

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This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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