Technology In Modern Farming And Homesteading

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In today’s modern society, technology is not only commonplace, but is changing the way we are doing things at a very rapid pace. Whether its playing music, hailing a taxi cab, or ordering food, technology is changing, and so are we. How is technology playing a part in modern farming, ranching, and homestead communities? Since the invention of the cotton gin, mechanization of farming and ranching has been nonstop. From the old horse drawn plows to huge combines, mechanization has changed the food providing landscape. Although mechanization has changed the way we do things, it has not changed it as much as technology has or will. In this article, I would like to present to you the top ten ways technology is changing the way we think about food, and how it food is raised or grown.

The first area I will examine is the advancement of our knowledge of growing food and the processes we have used. It is long known that overgrazing cattle, the use of highly potent fertilizer, both caused desertification and the Great Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. These practices have now been replaced by smarter fertilizers, smarter grazing of livestock, and the influence of technology. The practice of crop rotation has become commonplace where single crops used to grow. This prevents the soil from completely depleting the nutrients in the soils and not allowing that crop to grow again. With crop rotation, the soil replenishes its nutrients and allows the crops to continue to grow. We would have no idea what was going on with the soils without the advancement of technology and science. Similarly, overgrazing has been addressed by a more rotational system that allows the plants that are being grazed to regrow and not be entirely killed off by overgrazing.

The next area we will look at is technology and the modern homestead. In the past, homesteads have had to rely on the older wisdom of the family in order to make decisions concerning what to grow or raise, when to do it, and how. Now, with mobile technology and app development, a homesteader not only has his or her experience to rely on, but also the entire world. App Development has greatly increased the access to knowledge around the globe. If a farmer needs to learn how to rotate his crops, or what to replace it with, he no longer has to find a book, or a crusty “old timer” to find out. He simply has to get out his smartphone, search the internet for the information he is looking for, and employ that information. This modern age has brought homesteading to a new threshold.

With outburst of mobile apps, app development companies have zeroed in on so many markets that homesteading and farming could not help but benefit. Today, a homestead can freely share their experiences, their challenges, and solutions. This greatly helps those who are of the same mindset and facing the same problems. They can find the solutions quickly and easily and avoid the pitfalls of others. This also allows for the saving of time and money. While a fresh or green homesteader would spend hundreds of dollars and many days to figure out to efficiently get water from a low area, to high area without electricity; with modern technology, he can simply look for solutions online and find that a water ram pump is exactly what he needs, therefore saving time and much money. This system can be repeated indefinitely as the young farmer gets his homestead running at optimum performance.

Networking is a huge portion of homesteading and making money. Knowing who wants their products, what they will pay, and how to get it to them, is vitally important for a budding homestead. With app development companies maxing out the potential of social media, this has provided a platform in which farmers and homesteaders can quickly and efficiently market the products that they produce and organize distribution of such products. It is proven that through good marketing using social media, a farmer can earn many times more than the old ways of paper marketing or radio. A farmer relies completely on the efficient selling of his or her goods before the product goes bad and the use of social media supports this goal.

Technology in general is very useful for the effectiveness of any homestead or farm, but applications of a more technical nature have increasingly become more useful. With several apps, one can calculate the amount of water needed to water his or her animals or crops. With these calculations, a farmer or homesteader can plan more efficient water systems, whether they be catchments systems or other water storage methods. This technology is also useful when planning improvements for a farm or homestead. Mobile applications that can measure the perimeter of the property can help determine a number of fencing materials needed. This saves the owner a lot of time and money in purchasing the correct amount of materials needed. Furthermore, mobile apps allow the user to have accurate information right now, with no waiting period. I have personally downloaded manuals and schematics on some of my equipment straight to my phone in a matter of minutes. This allowed me to save time in fixing my equipment and allowed me to continue my work with minimal interruption.

App development companies have also provided a slew of applications that can be used to not only market, but also allow the farmer or homesteader become an investor in their community. Through the use of online purchasing apps, a farmer can order, pay, and ship anything they need right from the comforts of their home. Whether this be on their home computer, tablet, or cell phone; this feature of technology has really improved the efficiency of modern farming. Instead of having to load up the truck, get cash, make a list, fuel up the truck and head into town and hope to find the obscure part they are looking for. The modern farmer or homesteader can simply use an application to find, order, and get that obscure part on its way in a matter of minutes.

It is clear, that as technology changes our society, it will infiltrate every aspect of our lives. None less than modern farming and homesteading. Through this technology, the growing and raising of food will become more efficient and cost effective. All of this owed to those top app development companies who continue to provide people with the social and economic connections necessary for a thriving economy and world. As technology grows, so will the uses of such technology, and modern homesteading with stride right along as the world changes.

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