How This Startup Reveals the Valuable Data Hidden Within Our Mobile Apps

How This Startup Reveals the Valuable Data Hidden Within Our Mobile Apps
Credit: Swrve

Building lasting consumer relationships and increasing engagement on mobile is something that a startup called Swrve is trying to simplify. The aim of the platform is to help brands meaningfully connect with all their customers. That means turning marketing into a conversation and interest into interaction.

Could business gain an advantage during this digital transformation by helping brands recognize the importance of building relationships with consumers and orchestrating customer journeys? The fact that Swrve mobile engagement platform now handles 9-10 billion events a day on 2 billion devices certainly demands our attention.

We continuously hear that we need to prepare for the world of mobile first, but we’re already here. A few years ago every business rushed out to get a mobile app, but they quickly neglected the responsibilities that go with it. Regular updates are crucial in keeping apps working across multiple operating systems.

However, there is now another problem being thrown into the mix that is often referred to as app fatigue. We all have 50 plus apps on our Smartphone’s. But if we’re honest, we probably only use around 5 of them on a regular basis.

Mobile engagement and analytics enables Swrve to help onboard new users onto an app and engage and retain users. But ultimately monetize them through a range of tools. The idea for Swrve was born upon discovering that 66 percent of mobile game players quit within the first 24 hours.

What’s exciting about the mobile gaming space is they were the first publishers on these Smartphone’s to crack the code “how do you get users engaged?” advised Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve.

The team at Swrve quickly learned that a lot of users would quit when they keep getting stuck on a level. One of the key rules Swrve can build into the platform is to introduce a trigger at the moment when the player is stuck at level 4 for the third consecutive time.

Creating a trigger that sends an in-app message to push the player to level 5 by giving the player more coins, more points or more power, not only convinces the user to continue and play the game, but the data showed they were more engaged and will continue to spend.

Mobile isn’t ‘on the rise’ or ‘enjoying explosive growth’ anymore; it’s the new paradigm – Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve

The average customer at Swrve has one million monthly active users on an app. That’s way too many users for anyone to go after on a one to one basis. You have to be able to find common segments based on behavior. These are just a few reasons why the team at Swrve believe that marketers should be working in a more simplified way.

Building out more predictive models to predict when and how to engage with users while continuing to drive their optimization models seems to be their secret sauce. Maybe businesses need to think more seriously about how to send relevant messages at the right time to create compelling experiences.

Swrve has also recently expanded its integration with Journey Builder from Salesforce in a bid to enable enterprise marketers to execute actual multi-channel experiences.

Christopher Dean and Sr. Director, Product Marketing Alan Tam also recently appeared on my podcast to talk in more detail about how Swrve are enabling brands to increase mobile engagement, retention, and monetization

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