Snap CI is Shutting Down! What Next?

Snap CI shutting down

This is really sad news for the DevOps industry. Snap CI is going away, and we can see the whole DevOps industry trying to rethink their processes. My Twitter feed was all filled with #SnapCI posts.

What Went Wrong?

Snap CI is backed up by ThoughtWorks, who are the leaders in technology consultation. According to them, they failed to create an impact on their target market through Snap CI. They’ll be continuing their focus with consultation and another Continuous Delivery product, Go CD. Now, Snap CI users have to make a big decision of switching to other platforms and tools. How’s that going to be?

Today, I would like to provide a brief comparison of Snap CI and various CI/CD organizations:

Snap CI in comparison with Codeship:


Snap CI in comparison with Shippable:


Snap CI in comparison with Circle CI:

Circle CI

Codeship, Circle CI, and Shippable have their own benefits and advantages. Ultimately, it is the customer who is going to gauge and rate you.

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