Why Smart Beds Are In: The Latest Innovation To Reshape Sleeping Habits

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Waking up due to someone heavily snoring on the other side of the bed is an experience that many of us experience in an all-too-familiar basis. And worst, while the perpetrator snoozes on the dead of the night, you just can’t get back to sleep.

There are times too when you are sharing a room with your sibling which make some alone time impossible. There will be times too that you’ll just want to spend your time in bed after a stressful day at work or school.

Fortunately, you can now kiss goodbye to those days after the invention of smart beds that automatically modify the position of sleepers when it perceives a snoring fit. This innovation will save your partner from decamping in the sofa just to get a good night sleep.

The Rise Of Sleep Technology

Thanks to the invention of smart beds, adjusting your mattress to fit in different body positions is now possible. You can also track your sleeping habits and wake up at the right time. The most notable among the features of smart beds is that it can detect the snoring sounds and lift the sleeper’s head to clean out the airwaves.

Various mattress manufacturers developed innovative smart beds and will release some new features this year that are sure to delight many customers. These smart beds have groundbreaking features such as recording data of the sleeping patterns of the users and warming up the owner’s feet.

These beds are another breakthrough in sleep tech-gadgets movement that is designed to help the time-starved users get the best rest possible amidst busy lifestyle.

The Smartest Innovation: Smart Beds

The newest models of smart beds were unveiled together with other devices that promote good sleep at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas early this year. CES is an annual technology expo that showcases the newest gadgets which are expected to proliferate next year.

And for the first time in 50 years, CES finally opens the door to the marketplace for sleep tech. This market is focusing on sleeping gadgets like smart lights that imitate the sunrise, silent alarms that gently awakens the sleeper as well as fitness trackers that track the number of how many times the user wakes up in the middle of the night.

The Battle of Sleep Techs

According to Guy Shapiro, the chief executive officer of Consumer Technology Association which organizes CES, there’s tremendous growth in devices that aim to improve the quality of our sleep. And, smart beds are just one of the prime example.

Among the devices showcased at CES, one of the brands that stand out is Nightingale, a speaker that encapsulates the room to cancel out noises from other rooms or from outside. It also comes with Bluetooth chest sensor that vibrates to persuades the wearer to slow down his or her breathing.

Another crowd favorite is the Eight Smart Bed that comes with a smart cover and fits into the bed like a fitted sheet. This smart bed also enables the user to connect with Wifi, no need to charge at night or wear something around your wrist.

When it comes to innovations, checking sites such as Beds Online is a good idea. The best thing about it is that it can seamlessly integrate with any smart product at home like a coffee maker. Want to have a bed that can brew your coffee in the morning? Yes, please!


Every person sleeps differently, and to sleep well; you will need a bed that will suit your needs perfectly. Smart beds are more expensive than traditional beds that you can buy. However, smart beds can provide you an entirely different level of nighttime comfort. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price tag on a person’s good night sleep.

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