SlideShare Shuts Down Lead Gen – What Does it Mean

SlideShare Shuts Down Lead Gen – What Does it Mean

SlideShare has often been referred to as “the quiet giant of content marketing.” It is one of the 200 most visited websites in the world and a lucrative traffic source for B2B marketers. B2B brands actually generate four times as much traffic from slide share as Facebook.

The platform’s reputation as a content marketing gold mine took off after LinkedIn acquired it in 2012. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has looked for new ways to expand reach with SlideShare.

They introduced new lead generation forms a couple of years ago.

“Today we are announcing a way for brands to directly build their audience through Lead Generation on SlideShare, enabling marketers to identify key consumers of their content and connect with their audience. Leveraging SlideShare’s 70 million unique visitors a month, marketers are able to engage with professionals around the world. Our new lead generation solution helps brands convert their viewership on SlideShare into high quality prospects.”

Many brands have leveraged SlideShare’s LeadShare product and received great results. Unfortunately, Amanda Dooley reports that LinkedIn recently decided to discontinue its lead generation product.

“So LinkedIn decided to shut down the SlideShare lead generation product. Are you walking around aimlessly wondering what to do with your content and how you will produce leads this month? So many questions without answers,” Dooley writes.

What Does This Mean for Brands Using SlideShare for Lead Generation?

Many brands utilized LeadShare over the last couple of years. While the lead generation tool will be missed, there still plenty of ways to generate quality leads through SlideShare.

Here are some things marketers must prepare for.

Need to Merge SlideShare Marketing With Third-Party Web Properties

The nicest thing about the SlideShare lead generation products was that they allowed you to capture leads directly from SlideShare. You didn’t have to drive traffic to your own site and worry about split-testing your landing pages to maximize your lead conversion rate.

If you still plan on using SlideShare in the future, you will need to incorporate your own site into your lead generation funnel.

No Analytics on Lead Generation

One of the best things about SlideShare’s lead generation products was its intricate analytics dashboard. SlideShare kept a close tally of your leads and helped you calculate your ROI.

Since you will be driving traffic to your own website now, you will need to use your own analytics tools to track conversions and monitor your ROI.

Focus Will Be Shifted to Organic Advertising and Solutions Like SlideModel

It’s unclear whether SlideShare will continue to allow advertising of any form on their site. I suspect they will, but it won’t work the same. Rather than promoting a lead generation form, you will have to promote your SlideShare decks. This means you need to make sure your slides are engaging, because people won’t read through your slides if you have a poor design or dull message.

Marketers will need to start using higher quality PowerPoint templates in their SlideShare decks to gain traction on the site. They will also need to carefully optimize their content for their audience on SlideShare.

Many marketers struggle to get steady traffic on SlideShare, because they use long-form content. You will have much better luck breaking your SlideShare decks into more slides with less than a dozen words on each.

Is Content Marketing on SlideShare Over?

Not at all. SlideShare has been a great platform for content marketing for several years. That isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

However, your approach to generating leads will have to change. Don’t worry – there are plenty of great ways to earn quality leads by creating engaging SlideShare presentations.

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