Six Tools to Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency

Six Tools to Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency

In today’s world, the key to creating a productive and collaborative workspace is to leverage technology. For the first time in history, even small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to utilize advanced technological tools in order to boost efficiency at all levels.

The increasing accessibility of tools and software has made for a saturated market. It has become more and more challenging to sift through the vast number of new products that are currently flooding the productivity space. Now the challenge is not only to find a good product, but to select the one that best fits the needs of you and your company.

To make the process easier, here is a curated list of six tools that are bound to boost your productivity and efficiency in the workplace.


The most productive teams are those that communicate effectively. For years, teams both large and small have been running off of email. This system can be a hassle, though, as emails often get lost—not to mention the nightmare of sorting through a crowded inbox.

Slack is a real-time approach to communication that neatly organizes your different teams into channels, allowing you to keep your projects organized. This tool also lets you easily drag, drop and share your files. It is essentially the one-stop solution to building a searchable inventory of your company’s communication, and is the easiest way to get your team on the same page.


Another big inefficiency that many businesses and startups have to deal with is the nitty-gritty of employee management. Firms waste hundreds of hours on messy employment paperwork, complex state and federal labor compliance and administration of employee benefits. has quickly become a favorite for business owners and their employees. The cloud-based human resources and benefits technology centralizes all employee documents and data, provides a self-service portal for employees, keeps an eye on compliance issues and automates HR workflows. The data in GoCo then magically syncs with your existing payroll vendor and health-insurance carriers, making HR painless and automated.


Email is still the most efficient means of reaching an external stakeholder. Existing and potential customers do most of their communication with brands via email, so it makes sense for companies to optimize their email workflow.

Boomerang is a tool that lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages. As a Chrome extension, it allows you to schedule emails and set up reminders. Hundreds of thousands of businesses utilize Boomerang to conquer their email flow and more efficiently tackle their inboxes.


Often a simple solution is more beneficial than a complex one. Evernote strives to be the easiest, most efficient way to record and share notes. Their web and mobile application helps individuals and teams collect notes, create project to-do lists and schedule reminders.

Their beautiful interface makes doing all of this easy and intuitive. The best part is that once you capture a note, it is immediately synced across all of your devices so that you have access from wherever you are. Evernote also serves as a searchable, sharable portal to whatever you choose to record—anything from new ideas sketched out on a notepad to images to a personal diary. It is the definitely the easiest way to save notes.


Nowadays, there are so many different social media platforms that it is difficult to know where and when you should be sharing your content. That headache is exactly what the team at Buffer is trying to solve with their online platform, which allows marketers and influencers to easily and efficiently schedule content.

In a matter of seconds, you can easily add content, select which of your social accounts you want to post to and schedule when you want to post it. From there, you gain access to analytics so you can see how your campaigns are performing. Buffer is the simplest and least expensive way to acquire professional-grade social-media management.


As a small business, you should always be testing and iterating your product. The challenge is figuring out how to optimize your marketing funnel, so that visitors to your site are converted into paid or lifelong users. The traditional methods of performing A/B testing are unpredictable and time consuming.

Optimizely offers an easy and intuitive way for any business to build testing and experimentation into their product. It helps brands create the perfect, customized experience for unique visitors to their sites. It allows you to experiment broadly across the entire customer experience, on any channel, device or application, so you can efficiently test your assumptions.

Like the other tools in this list, Optimizely will help you create a better product. The result will be more satisfied customers.

In today’s world, being productive is all about utilizing the right tools. As a everything in our life moves faster with technology, it is crucial that you’re able to keep up!

This post is part of our contributor series. It is written and published independently of TNW.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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